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There are three feet in a yard, so we plug that into an equation that looks like this: 39 x 3 = 1...
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Hello Space Odyssey is a five-day program to students aged 11-18.Space Odyssey is a national lev...
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Neutral must be carrying a leakage or fault current continuously
In: Home Electricity Answered: 24 minutes ago
Battery room environment is corrosive, hence wooden stands are preferred.
In: 50 Hertz Industrial Electricity Answered: 26 minutes ago
For better flux linkage and for least losses
In: Pontiac Transport Answered: 27 minutes ago
In a three phase system, if the current in all three phases are same, then it is a balanced system.
In: 50 Hertz Industrial Electricity Answered: 29 minutes ago
The fuel (gasoline or diesel), the motor oil, the transmission fluid and the rear end lubricating...
In: Science Answered: 30 minutes ago
Electricity has three terms. Active power - Watt. Apparent power VA, reactive power VAR. Watt is ...
In: 50 Hertz Industrial Electricity Answered: 30 minutes ago
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