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Mother and father take turns, say the mother lays on the egg, while shes doing that the father wi...
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Sa ano anong mga katangian naman sila nag karoon ng pagkakaiba
In: History, Politics & Society Answered: 23 minutes ago
what is 6 times 6 is
In: Uncategorized Answered: 28 minutes ago
Yes, a female dog 5-14 can have pups
In: Dog Breeding and Mating Answered: 28 minutes ago
If you're talking about the numbers, a centillion looks like this, either 10^303 or 10^600, depen...
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A male duck is known as a drake.
In: Waterfowl Answered: 33 minutes ago
Amount of matter in a substance
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A crow is neither, it is a bird. Why it is neither: Mammal: gives birth to live young (a crow ...
In: Animal Life Answered: 37 minutes ago
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