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It is already rounded to two decimal places as 4.79
In: Rounding and Estimating Numbers Answered: 1 minute ago
Impossible to say - there are hundreds of sites world wide and which is best is down to personal ...
In: Shopping Answered: 3 minutes ago
0.135 as a fraction in its lowest terms is 27/200
In: Percentages, Fractions, and Decimal Values Answered: 4 minutes ago
How to assign data in nominal and ordinal and interval scales? Edit
In: Uncategorized Answered: 8 minutes ago
Because life on Earth is based on the presence of water.
In: Cell Biology (cytology) Answered: 8 minutes ago
ano ang ibig sabihin ng sanp elections?
In: Filipino Language and Culture Answered: 8 minutes ago
Young's modulus describes the relationship between stress (sigma) and strain (epsilon) in a mater...
In: Civil Engineering Answered: 9 minutes ago
-2y+y = -y
In: Algebra Answered: 11 minutes ago
Deciduous species.
In: Trees Answered: 13 minutes ago