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what is /2 turned into a percentage
In: Percentages, Fractions, and Decimal Values Answered: 11 minutes ago
This is an opinionated question, but the jury is going to have access to evidence that the public...
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Danube (German: Donau)
In: Austria Answered: 15 minutes ago
In normal sinus rhythm the heart rate is below
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Multiply the radius by 2 x pi.
In: Algebra Answered: 22 minutes ago
No, Edison was never President of the United States. The 12th president was Zachary Taylor.
In: Thomas Edison Answered: 22 minutes ago
744 r4
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Being a modern human. Specifically "engineering" might be a term for such a process.
In: Science Answered: 26 minutes ago
In: Consumers (food chain) Answered: 27 minutes ago