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In swordsmanship, it would indicate the final deadly blow.
In: Example Sentences Answered: 3 minutes ago
both presents reagen and clinton taxed social securrity with the funds going back into the trust ...
In: IRA Plans Answered: 4 minutes ago
There's just a scattering of snow on the ground. Junior is still scattering the chicken feed in ...
In: Science Answered: 5 minutes ago
Your answer depends on your purpose for visiting the continent. If you want to survive, then yo...
In: Antarctica Answered: 5 minutes ago
I hope that I can survive the vetting process. This program will show various ways for a person ...
In: Example Sentences Answered: 6 minutes ago
You should be extremely careful about tanning. Many people who use tanning booths / beds have dev...
In: Exercise Answered: 7 minutes ago
This canister contains a very corrosive liquid.
In: Example Sentences Answered: 7 minutes ago
You could say that Jake moved quick as a flash to cover that distance so quickly, or that he clea...
In: Physics Answered: 8 minutes ago