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The 'included' angle between sides 9 and 8.5 is 106.225 and so the area of the triangle is 0.5*9*...
In: Math and Arithmetic Answered: 1 minute ago
Yes, you can easily get NRI home loans. You just need to give the necessary documents and also ma...
In: Loans Answered: 5 minutes ago
There are a number of Islamic Banks in the UAE that follow Sharia Compliant and provide good inve...
In: Banking Answered: 11 minutes ago
classification of peacock
In: Uncategorized Answered: 31 minutes ago
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A till slip is a receipt for purchases made. It shows import information like the name of the st...
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Some are depends on origin, but we even have some here in the US.
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The past tense of sleep is slept.
In: Past Tenses Answered: 1 hour ago
The coconut palm, the Mangrove are two examples (there are more).
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A Dubai Islamic insurance can be claimed by filling out a claim form which would be available on ...
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