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It is: 4/5 times 10 = 8
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It is simply 775.0 as a decimal
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Twins are by definition TWO. Any other number and it isn't a Twin birth. There's a considerable r...
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The Twins themselves are usually smaller than single pregnancy Babies. The mother will be more fa...
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There's a considerable random element to Twin births, so basically any pregnancy can be a Twin pr...
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All Furbys will eat when you put your finger in their beaks, while pressing the tongue. Furbys wi...
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Two hundred thousand as a number is 200,000
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No, they are fun little critters who like to chat and play with you. They are not demonic, and th...
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It is 3 because .2 is less than .5
In: Rounding and Estimating Numbers Answered: 9 minutes ago
Noradrenaline has an amine group with a positive charge as well as two OH groups attached to its ...
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