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Where do most people in spain live
In: Spain Answered: 1 minute ago
Assuming there is a missing decimal point in the question, here are all the possible answers: 0...
In: Rounding and Estimating Numbers Answered: 4 minutes ago
Dhh- a ka
In: Dhaka Answered: 12 minutes ago
I have met this girl on a specific site, and we hit it off great. I genuinely like this girl. The...
In: Relationships Answered: 14 minutes ago
Never. The show ended in 2009.
In: TV Shows and Series Answered: 15 minutes ago
Both did a lot to unify their countries. I. e. Garibaldi Italy, Chancellor Bismarck Germany.
In: History Answered: 15 minutes ago
Emperor Zahangir (father of Emperor ShaJahan)
In: Taj Mahal Answered: 17 minutes ago
Budhdha.. old, aged person in Urdu
In: Pakistan Answered: 18 minutes ago