What does QQ mean?

QQ originates from Starcraft, where the control for exiting the game was Control + Q + Q, so when raging, people would quit the game by "QQing", Coincidentally, QQ, Q_Q, and Q (MORE)
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What does qq more mean?

Quince Quail. Clearly - it's a type of bird native to North-Eastern Africa, said by many inhabitants of its territory to taste like a quince. It has a mating call similar to t (MORE)

What is penal code HS 12305?

California Health and Safety code 12305: Illegal possesion of explosives. Misdemeanor or Felony also known as a wobbler in California.

What does QQ stand for?

QQ are a pair of crying eyes, or in the past, there were games, that if you pressed alt QQ, you would log out. So ppl said: why don't you QQ already noob... Then started gam (MORE)
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How do you play games on qq?

you basically just sign into QQ then move the mouse over to yourself then click the penguin with the surfboard

How old is a Knabe piano serial number 37325?

The Knabe Piano Company began in Baltimore, MD in 1837. Knabe pianos with a 4 digit serial number are from about 1863 or earlier. 5-digit Knabe pianos, then are from about 186 (MORE)
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Where do qq live?

QQ is a popular software in China, it looks like MSN, you can talk with your friends and teams in QQ. So it lives in China. I can give you the detail: QQ is live in Shenzhen, (MORE)
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What does Qq mean in IM status?

"QQ" usually typed out in both capital letters is a symbol for crying. It's meant to look like two large eyes with tears streaming down from them. It's used to convey sadness (MORE)