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What is qq im mmorpg's?

QQ originally comes from the Blizzard game Starcraft. In the game, you type ALT+Q+Q to quickly quit the games. Players would then talk to each other and say "haha you QQ'd out (MORE)

What does QQ mean?

QQ originates from Starcraft, where the control for exiting the game was Control + Q + Q, so when raging, people would quit the game by "QQing", Coincidentally, QQ, Q_Q, and Q (MORE)
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What does Qq mean in IM status?

"QQ" usually typed out in both capital letters is a symbol for crying. It's meant to look like two large eyes with tears streaming down from them. It's used to convey sadness (MORE)

How can you connect to an English QZONE International QQ?

there isn't one, and i very much doubt there will ever be one. they have made the 'very slow' effort to introduce the international qq messenger, but the qqzone remains in Chi (MORE)