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How do you turn 8888 to 89 using math?

-- Subtract 8,799 from it, or -- Divide it by 100 and then add 0.12 to the quotient, or -- Add 12 to it and then multiply the sum by 0.01, or -- Add -8,887.98 to it and (MORE)

How do you write 8888 in Chinese?

八千八百八十八 八千 means eight thousand. 八百 means eight hundred. 八十 means eighty. 八 means eight. Add it all together, is 8888.
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What does the sign 8888 mean?

The sign 8888 is a numerical illustration for the spoken or written words Eight Thousand Eight Hundred and Eighty Eight. We use these words and the sign 8888 to speak about a (MORE)

What business is 760-705-8888?

It's a land line in Escondito, California. It is apparently a scammer, collecting personal information. The calls say thanks for your recent order, but a large number of peo (MORE)

Why i cant sent an sms to 8888?

The number may not be set up to receive texts. Not all numbers  available on the mobile network accept incoming texts... some are  set to 'send' only.
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