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02 BMW 325i won't start The battery light came on while I was driving home on Friday The next morning it wouldn't start We jump started but when I turned the car off and back on nothing happened?

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check your battery connections
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What could cause my car not to start after sitting a while When i turn the key on nothing happens i have to hit the negative post on my battery to get power?

  Answer   Answer There could be two causes to this problem. One might be that your negative post is loose inside the battery and the second reason could be that yo

2003 BMW 325I battery light stayed on all day Then tried to start car after 2 days but wouldn't crank so do I just need to replace original battery that has 45K miles?

  A car battery doesn't really care about mileage, its life is impacted by age and how well it was kept charged. In other words if the car has an event where it wasn't run

Started car this morning it turned over for a second then died Won't even click when the key is turned Tried to boost the battery nothing happened What do you suggest?

I would suspect a blown fusible link inline with your starter, a blown starter relay, or a bad starter solenoid. Test for a blown fusible link with a volt meter; pos lead at t