10 reasons why affirmative action programmes in organisations fail in south Africa?

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lack of cultural diversity
a white male dominant
black people are perceived as tokens
low commitment to EE from top management
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Are Mexicans affected by affirmative action?

Answer . to be short, everyone is affected by affirmative action. It is used to create equal opportunities for everyone, especially minorities.

HOW HAS affirmative action ACHIEVED IN SA?

Is when a a certain gender , race, nationality or religion group of people are excluded from jobs, housing or even living. E.g. Affirmative action in south Africa is were the government is giving priority jobs for Non-white people then for whites. It is a racist , and can be sexist and offensive to my people matering on the cercomstances. Answer Trimming away the politically charged dialogue, affirmative action is simply an effort to offset certain perceived wrongs which may have been previously inflicted by society. This is accomplished by initiating programs that give preferences in hiring, scholastic placement, or other similar sorts of opportunities to those groups of individuals who have been deemed to have been wronged. Obviously, those on the receiving end of affirmative action programs see them as just, while those who lose opportunities they believe they deserve based on their achievements see affirmative action programs as unfair. Hope that helps.

How can affirmative action hurt minorities?

Minorities have a hard time competing with their classmates. They are more likely to drop out of school. Also, Affirmative Action devalues achievements of minorities.

How is Affirmative Action implimented in South Africa?

i think the whites are getting the taste of their own medicine since when AA is precisely meant for black

What is the affirmative action?

Affirmative action refers to the policies that take gender, race, or ethnicity into account in order to promote equal opportunity. Employers subject to Title VII are PROHIBITED from taking race or sex into account in any employment decisions. AA is a penalty for having any job group substantially statistically "underutilized" in any race or either sex. The employer must take steps to eliminate the underutilization, then STOP, ending its AA efforts.

Why did affirmative action start?

It was perceived as way to end racial and gender discrimination,although in reality it only changes which groups will be thevictims of discrimination.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of affirmative action?

Avantage- good for us and our team, Disadvantage- Everybody will pass their work to us to look after.

Did affirmative action start in 1964?

yes it did begin in 1964. Only begin, there is much more to the concept.

What is the utilitarian view of affirmative action?

There is a very clear, utilitarian argument that supportsAffirmative Action. The ends of establishing parity by numbers,assuring minority talent in the professions, and enhancing upwardmobility in a minority group, outweighs the means of giving womenand racial minorities and extra boost in a competition againstother candidates.

What is affirmation action?

Affirmative action is when a minority is given extra 'points' or such just for being a minority. Basically, any member of a minority group is given the advantage just for being a minority. Politicians look down on minorities and claim to help them, but what they're really saying is 'you aren't capable of helping yourself, so we have to hand it to you, all we ask of you is you vote for us without question." it's a tool to unite all minority groups.

Explain Affirmative action?

Affirmative action is the process of giving priority tohistorically disadvantaged groups. It is usually used in educationand work, by setting aside special scholarships for disadvantagedgroups and setting quotas for the amount of students/employees ofthat group need to be accepted/hired.

What is affirmative action?

Affirmative Action are programs intended to make up for discrimination by helping minority groups and African American males and females to gain more access to jobs and other special opportunities. AA is allowed ONLY as a remedy to proven discrimination in any job family, and must - by law - be temporary and narrowly focused. AA is never designed as a BENEFIT for any underutilized race, but a PENALTY on an employer. " Affirmative action pertains to providing special assistance to groups who have been disadvantaged historically. Law or policy makers may provide legislation or programs aimed at empowering target groups with skills &/ confidence in order that they may compete on level ground with everyone else. An example may include an employer devising & implementing special training or recruitment programs for special needs groups such as: Aboriginal/Indigenous people, women, people with disabilities or those of a foreign language. In summary, 'affirmative action' is about breaking down barriers to opportunities, which larger sections of society may well take for granted." This response is a paraphrased version of a definition I have in a study module for certificate IV Human Resources, so it ought to be relatively accurate. Cheers & Regards, Sandrit I-R-T, Melbourne, Australia This Land Is My Land A telling example of this was given to me by a black college student in Oklahoma. He said whites give him looks that say: "What are you doing here? " "When do they give you that look?" I asked. "Every time I walk in a door," he replied. When he said that, every black person in the room nodded and smiled in a way that indicated recognition based on thousands of such moments in their own lives.For most blacks, America is either a land of denied opportunity or one in which the opportunities are still grudgingly extended and extremely limited. For some -- that one-third who are mired in poverty, many of them isolated in dangerous ghettos -- America is a land of desperadoes and desperation. In places where whites see a lot of idealism, blacks see, at best, idealism mixed heavily with hypocrisy. Blacks accept America's greatness, but are unable to ignore ugly warts that many whites seem to need not to see. I am reminded here of James Baldwin's searing observation from The Fire Next Time : . The American Negro has the great advantage of having never believed that collection of myths to which white Americans cling: that their ancestors were all freedom-loving heroes, that they were born in the greatest country the world has ever seen, or that Americans are invincible in battle and wise in peace, that Americans have always dealt honorably with Mexicans and Indians and all other neighbors or inferiors, that American men are the world's most direct and virile, that American women are pure.. It goes without saying, then, that blacks and whites remember America differently. The past is hugely important since we argue a lot about who we are on the basis of who we think we have been, and we derive much of our sense of the future from how we think we've done in the past. In a nation in which few people know much history these are perilous arguments, because in such a vacuum, people tend to weave historical fables tailored to their political or psychic needs.Blacks are still recovering the story of their role in America, which so many white historians simply ignored or told in ways that made black people ashamed. But in a culture that batters us, learning the real history is vital in helping blacks feel fully human. It also helps us understand just how deeply American we are, how richly we have given, how much has been taken from us and how much has yet to be restored. Supporters of affirmative action believe that broad and deep damage has been done to American culture by racism and sexism over the whole course of American history and that they are still powerful forces today. We believe that minorities and women are still disadvantaged in our highly competitive society and that affirmative action is absolutely necessary to level the playing field.Not all white Americans oppose this view and not all black Americans support it. There are a substantial number of whites in this country who have been able to escape our racist and sexist past and to enter fully into the quest for equal justice. There are other white Americans who are not racists but who more or less passively accept the powerful suggestions coming at them from all points in the culture that whites are entitled to privilege and to freedom from competition with blacks. And then there are racists who just don't like blacks or who actively despise us. There are still others who may or may not feel deep antipathy, but who know how to manipulate racism and white anxiety for their own ends. Virtually all the people in the last category oppose affirmative action and some of them make a practice of preying upon those in the second category who are not paying attention or who, like the Post's Richard Cohen, are simply confused.

What are the advantages of affirmative action?

Affirmative action discusses the policy that gives opportunities towomen, minorities on any group who have subjected todiscrimination. Some of its advantages are: workers and studentswho started from disadvantages will get boost to succeed and thesemake special preferences to minorities to make up for years ofdiscrimination.

Show me examples of new products that have failed in south Africa?

I'm sure there are many failed products from all over the world.Two failed products from South Africa are Hitec boots & watersandals, both have been reported to last only a few weeks.

Why is affirmative action bad?

The people don't really need it. There are individuals who because of race, creed or religion have been denied their basic natural rights, affirmative action does not offer the proper remedy. It does not matter who you are or what color your skin is, if you chose to excel then you will excel no matter what. Affirmative action serves to divide the populace allowing for more government controls. When the rights of groups are valued more than the rights of individuals, then freedom has taken a back seat to government intrusion.

Did affirmative action work?

Affirmative action allows for equal opportunity for women andminorities access to fair employment and education. There aredisputes concerning whether affirmative action's policydiscriminates against individuals whom are qualified for specificroles.

Is affirmative action needed today?

This is a widely debated topic, so you may see conflicting answersbelow. Answer 1 Yes. Affirmative Action allows individuals who would normally beunderprivileged the access to the institutions that wouldfundamentally change their economic situation and break cycles ofpoverty. However, in my view, Affirmative Action should beeconomic-based, not race/ethnicity based.

Affirmative action for Irish American?

Affirmative action is a combination of laws and practices mainly concerning Employment hiring practices in the United States, and angled at minorities usually Blacks. I don"t see any Irish applications, as the Irish-Americans are definitely well-established in politics, for example the Kennedy family.

Why has affirmative action been controversial?

Affirmative action has been controversial for a number of reasons. Arguably the most common argument used by those who oppose affirmative action programs is that it results in "reverse discrimination", meaning discrimination against white people (primarily white men). BalancedPolitics.org does a great job of answering your question in depth at the Related Link below.

What is the Republican view on affirmative action?

Republicans have traditional American values. they believe that people who are qualified for a job should get it. they believe it is wrong to hire someone just because of their skin color. they believe a person should earn a job based on merit and skill, not because of thier skin color and last name.

Examples of affirmative action?

Say your white and are applying for an elite college. You have a 4.0 GPA and have worked hard all your life to get into this college, but there is only one spot available for the next semester. The other kid applying for the spot is say Black (or any other minority for that matter) with a 2.0 GPA. The school legally has to fill the quota and let in a certain amount of minorities no matter what their qualifications are. So if the quota isn't met that student is in and you're out. So you don't get to go to that school thanks to affirmative action.

Disadvantages of affirmative action?

There are various disadvantages of affirmative action. This mayresult to employers highly unqualified employees which will affectproductivity and the economy at large.

How does Obama feel about affirmative action?

He has sent mixed signals about it. On the one hand, he has said his own daughters do not deserve special preferences in admission to a college, and that he understands the resentment toward such preferences by whites who do not feel privileged (or who believe, rightly or wrongly, that minorities get benefits that they do not get). But on the other hand, he also has encouraged companies and schools to continue policies that promote diversity. He does not agree with quotas, but he does seem to feel there is still a need for Affirmative Action under some circumstances. He has expressed the belief that children should be judged by their ability to achieve and that if students work hard, that should be the way they move up. But he also has noted that the playing field is not level and that some minority students (as well as some impoverished white students) go to inferior schools and lack the educational background needed to get into a good college. Thus, he does not seem ready to end Affirmative Action, but seems to be seeking ways to include more people based on their social class, rather than just their race alone.

What is meant by Affirmative action?

affirmative action is policy and program established to correct past discrimination in education and employment in opportunities directed against women, blacks, members of other minorities.

Should Affirmative Action be eliminated?

Affirmative action, otherwise known as "reverse-discrimination", is a policy that effectively discriminates against certain groups for the benefit of other groups. The intent of such a policy is to "even the playing field." The actual result, however, is that less qualified individuals unfairly gain access to employment, education, groups, etc at the expense of more qualified individuals.. But this does not even begin to address the true underpinnings of discrimination. The result of affirmative action, or discrimination, is that those in the "target" groups that affirmative action is supposed to help might obtain credentials that are then questioned (fairly or unfairly) but others who wonder if their success was a product of talent and hard-work or of government-sponsorsored discrimination - ie affirmative action. So, the result is that affirmative action actually LEADS to stereotyping, the underpinning of discrimination.. Affirmative Action should absolutely be eliminated. Fairness is not unilateral - the only way to address problems of discrimination is by even-ing the playing field for all. Education and free markets are the solution.

10 biggest malls in south africa?

The 10 biggest malls in South Africa are: 1. Gateway Theatre of Shopping 180 000 m2 2. Sandton City 158 000 m2 3. Canal Walk Shopping Centre 141 000 m2 4. Eastgate Shopping Centre 121 000 m2 5. Meniyn Park Shopping Centre 119 124 m2 6. Westgate Shopping Centre 109 000 m2 7. The Pavillion Shopping Centre 108 000 m2 8. Centurion Mall 105 000 m2 9. Cresta Shopping Centre 94 000 m2 10. Clearwater 90 000 m2

What are the organisations that help people with violated rights in South Africa?

There are many, but most notably are the Human Rights Council and The Constitutional Court.

Affirmative action in college?

Trying to create a diverse environment. For example, considering factors such as race, religion, educational background, family history, parent's income, etc. when admitting/declining prospective students.

What is the goal of affirmative action?

The goal is to counter balance the privilege of the majority class by giving preference to minorities that are at a disadvantage due to historic discrimination. Common criticisms include that it gives people an advantage based on race instead of merit and that it furthers racial divide and is no longer necessary. Proponents continue to point to the vast differences in wealth between whites and minorities, often built on the wealth of prior generations.

IS Arizona an affirmative action state?

Arizona currently allows Affirmative Action, but in 2008 & again in 2010, there are ballot measures to ban Affirmative Action practices.

Does affirmative action still exist?

Yes. Many people want to repeal it. For example, white males are becoming the new minority and many people who do not fall in the minority category feel that minorities have an unfair advantage over them. There is nothing to "repeal" since no legislature ever enacted an AA STATUTE, it is only a presidential Executive Order (EO 11246). Any President could end AA tomorrow with a new EO and no legislature or court could reverse him. AA is still imposed on larger employers as a temporary remedy for proven discrimination. "AA plans" in fed funded contracts require workforce analysis,. but can never require race-conscious or sex-conscious hiring in violation of Title VII, a statute enacted by Congress. White males were never a majority in the population, and still are not. Males are half the workforce and whites are about 80% of the workforce, so we expect WM to be 40%. ALL other race-sex segments are smaller, and NONE is a majority of the workforce or population.

Why is affirmative action not useful in our time?

There are many who believe that it is still useful and necessary. The question appears to be more of a debate question than a matter of fact.

What are advantages and disadvantages of affirmative action in South Africa?

The advantages of affirmative action in South Africa is that it hasbrought the citizens of South Africa at par with each other. Thedisadvantage is that it has led to xenophobic attacks.

Should you capitalize affirmative action?

No, except at the beginning of a sentence because it is n ot a proper n ou n.

What are the 3 types of affirmative action?

types of affirmative action: Preferential hiring/admissions- preference to the qualified underrepresented candidate. Goals- set by popluation percentage- preference to qualified underrepresented canidate Set asides- only qualified underrepresented candidates can apply.

What is the purpose of affirmative action programs?

Affirmative Action is the act of setting aside spots for minorities, or women to give the disadvantaged equal opportunities. One well known affirmative action case was Regents of the University of California v. Bakke (1978). It is a serious federal offense for any employer subject to EEO law to "set aside" jobs based on race. Congress prohibited that in the 1964 Civil Rights Act and Congress never enacted an Affirmative Action statute. AA is part of contracting regulations, and can NEVER trump or violate a statute. AA - if an employer volunteers to participate - requires three things: a written pledge not to violate the sex-blind, color blind EEO laws during the contract, an analysis of whether each of the employer's job families are significantly different in race or sex stats from the general workforce in which that employer recruits for that job family IF any job family is significantly different from what would be expected from race-blind, sex-blind recruiting, the employer proposes a plan for reducing the disparity without violating Title VII.

When is affirmative action considered unlawful?

That, as such a broad topic, has not yet been fully decided by the US Supreme Court but individual cases have tested some areas and more are being considered every day.

What are democratic views on affirmative action?

Democrats are for affirmative action and will support it no matter what the supreme court rules

What are the short comings of affirmative action?

Even though AA is prohibited except as a temporary, narrowly focused remedy to proven discrimination by one empoloyer, many BELIEVE that it is a widespread government quota program.

Is affirmative action a form of communism?

Affirmative Action is not a form of communism; Communism is a system designed to make all people equal. In communism, the people's welfare and occupation is chosen by the government in a way that best serves the people as a whole. Affirmative Action is designed to create a system in which all people are given equal opportunity to succeed. This system was create to battle the effects of racism in society that make minority progress more difficult than it should be.

Which university in south africa started with environmental education programmes first?

UNISA, the University of South Africa, was the first university inthe country to have environmental education programs. Since theybegan, the field has exploded and many other universities boastsimilar programs.

Why shouldn't affirmative action be abolished?

Any automatic unthinking affirmative action should be abolished. The United States Supreme Court has ruled that any person who is a member of a group that has been systematically denied employment rights can be provided regress through affirmative action. Such groups that no longer exist should not receive affirmative action. If any groups exist where individuals are being denied jobs or entrance to schools based on membership in that group, then such persons may be eligible for affirmative action.

Why did the homelands in south Africa fail to keep the black south africans under control?

Because when you give an inch, they take a mile. They wanted itall, despite the fact they did little to nothing to build it, andthey certainly are no maintaining it.

Why did South Africa choose to implement affirmative action and was it ever justified?

South Africa chose to implement affirmative action so as to makethe labor market all-inclusive. This was justified as it tried toeliminate cases of discrimination in the employment sector.

Why did south African government choose to implement affirmative action policy and act?

South Africa is the south-most country on the continent of Africa.The government chose to implement the Affirmative Action Policy andAct because it makes sure that qualified designated groups haveequal change to get a job.

Does the affirmative action policy need to be discontinued in south Africa after a certain length of time and why?

yes because it seeks to support the population whose members have been discriminated againts with people with dissability

What is an example of an affirmative action plan?

A program which gives women equal access to promotion opportunities in the workplace is an example of an Affirmative Action plan. Another example would be a program which ensures that minorities are employed as frequently as individuals who are not minorities.

What is meant by the term affirmative action?

The term 'affirmative action' is used in reference to employment discrimination. It means that recruiters and human resources will take race, ethnicity, age, gender and religion into consideration when hiring, in order to get greater numbers of underrepresented minorities into their place of business.

Why is government education failing in south Africa?

The reason is because the government is not placing enough money in funding for programs for the children in need, especially for those with little numeracy and literacy skills.

What was good about affirmative action?

It balances the workforce more quickly than simple equalopportunity does. If that's your sole and only goal, then it's agreat thing. If you're the company having to turn away more qualified workerssimply because they've got the "wrong" skin color, then it's lessgood. In fact, "bad" might be a better description.