1843 44 caliber Navy revolver engraved by WL Ormsby New York serial number a14510 serial in its original box how much is it worth?

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The Navy revolver was not .44 caliber (it was.36 caliber), and was not made in 1843. Without seeing the gun, will tell you it is likely you have a reproduction of the Colt revolver made in Italy by Pietta. You will need a hands on appraisal by an experienced dealer or collector. Modern day reproductions are in the $200 range, depending on condition. PS- Ormsby invented the machine that performed roll engraving. While he was an engraver, his actual engraving was for printing plates for bank notes. Not guns. We have been asked about a revolver with THAT serial number at least 5 times, reinforcing the belief that it is a reproduction.
a good $50 and a couple gs
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my sister called me tonight and her husbands father was handed down this beutiful pistol i live 600 miles away she has no internet they would like to know how much it is worth
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1843 44 caliper navy revolver a 14510 how much its worth?

The firearms section of Answers.com is full of questions by peopleasking what their firearm is worth. In pretty much every case theanswer is the same. None of us can assign a
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