1850 travel by Mormons to Salt Lake City?

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While the first groups of Mormon Pioneers arrived in Salt Lake City, other groups continued to arrive for well over half a century.

Groups arriving in 1850 are:
Lorenzo Dow Young Company
James Lake Company
Milo Andrus Company
Benjamin Hawkins Company
Thomas S. Williams/ Seth M. Blair Freight Train
Aaron Johnson Compnay
James Pace Company
Wilford Woodruff Company
David Evans Company
Warren Foote Company
Stephen Markham Company
Justus Morse Company
Warren Smith Company
William Snow/Joseph Young Company
Shadrach Roundy Commpany
Edward Hunter Company
Orson Hyde Company
Amasa M. Lyman Company
Charles C. Rich Company
Jefferson Hunt Company
Gilbert and Gerrish Freight Train
Jedediah M. Grant Freight Train
George Washington Hill Company
Holladay and Warner Freight Train
Livingston and Kinkead Freight Train
John Sharp Company
and various families and individuals not traveling in companies.

You can see a list of who was in each of these companies by visiting the "Related Link" below.
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Well, technically, they never found Salt Lake City. They found a large empty valley and built Salt Lake City. They arrived there in July 1847.

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