1949-1990 what was capital of democratic Germany?

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It was Bonn. Let's be clear on this: Bonn was the capital of the FDR, the Federal Republic of Germany, West Germany. But the DDR, the Deutches Democratik Republik, The German Democratic Republic, East Germany, the capital was Berlin. And no, I am not for one moment suggesting East Germany was democratic, but that was its name......
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What is the capital of Germany?

Since 1990, Berlin has again been the capital city ofreunified Germany. When Germany was divided into east and west (1949-1990), theprovisional capital of West Germany was

What was the capital of Germany in 1949?

West Germany's capital was Bonn, and East Germany's capital was Berlin. After reunification in 1990, Bonn was still the seat of government from 1990-1999. . After World War I

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Did Berlin become the capital of Germany in 1990?

It was the capital of Germany from its founding in 1871 to its partition in 1945. At that point, West Germany's capital was Bonn, while East Germany's was East Berlin. When Ge

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