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1970's kids tv show where 2 kids climb through bush to a secret world?

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What are the ten best kid TV shows?

There are good TV shows... but these are the best in my point of view. 10. Fairly Odd Parents- pretty good show, but there are better and funnier ones 9. Phineas and Ferb- sam

Is the TV show Merlin for kids?

Well, it can be. A seven-year-old I know watches it. There is some bad language and bullying involved, but over all, it should be rated PG.

Can television help kids through life?

Some shows can help your child. There are learning programs on PBS and depending on children's age they could enjoy them. There are also many television shows that do not impr

Was there a kids tv show called watch Educational late 1970s?

Yes there was. It was usually presented by a man and a woman together. The opening titles if I remember correctly were five balls of plasticine that had the letters WATCH on t