1996 Chrysler sebring coupe lxi worked fine til seafoam added now jumps and seizures when going from idle to accelerating but runs fine in park and neutral?

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You need a tune up....Changing plugs and wires makes the difference.
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What could be wrong if a 2001 Alero idles between 300-1000 rpms in park and neutral but in gear idles and runs fine?

Most likely its not your mass air flow sensor its gonna be your tp sensor (throttle position) or your down stream oxygen sensor because a MAF sensor controls your ITS or Ideal

How do you go about changing the headlights for a Chrysler Sebring 2002 LXI?

Raise the hood and look at the top of the metal cross member that holds the radiator and fans and head light housings. Right next to the very front fender on both sides of the

87 323 sw stalls at idle and hesitates during acceleration and in gear idle is irratic at stoplight.In park or neutral engine runs rough in lower rpm but fine in higher rpm. Fuel filter or pump or MAF?

\n. \n Answer \n. \nIf you have never changed your Oxygen sensor, this is most likely the cause of the problem; the symptoms you describe are attributbale to a failing

How do you change the oil of a 1999 Chrysler sebring lxi coupe?

I have the same vehicle and have been doing my own oil changes since I bought the car. It's really easy, you just need about 30 mins free time. First, a few sticky points...
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Where is the coil on a 1996 Chrysler Sebring lxi?

The coil on a 2.5L V6 is inside the distributor. It is not servicedseparately. The coil on a 2.5L V6 is inside the distributor. It is not servicedseparately.