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1 factorial is equal to 1?

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In general, take any natural number n. We can find n factorial by multiplying n by each natural number that is less than n. So 4! is 4x3x2x1.
In the case of 1! it is just 1 since there are no natural numbers less than 1.
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How can you Prove that e equals the infinite sum of 1 divided by x factorial?

This is actually quite easy to prove. The Taylor series of the exponential function, e^x (using "^" for power) is 1 + x^1/1! + x^2/2! + x^3/3! + x^4/4! ..., so all you need to

What is the rationale for defining 0 factorial to be 1?

What is the rationale for defining 0 factorial to be 1?   Answer   The defining 0 factorial to be 1 is not a rationale.   "Why is zero factorial equal to one?" is

Is 1 liter equal to 1 quart?

No, they are different systems. 1 litre is 1.0567 US quart.

How does 1 1 1 1 equal 5?

One way is to use the factorial sign (1+1+1)! - 1 = (3!) - 1 = 6-1  = 5

How much equal to 1 and 1?

it may be 1 or 2 or 11 .as you do not clear your quest en

Does 1 cfh equals 1 psi?

No. CFH is a capacity rating of pipe (natural gas), representing Cubic Feet per Hour. PSI is a pressure unit: Pounds(force) per Square Inch. The pressure will affect how fast
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What is 1 factorial?

1 factorial = 1