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Century, centipede, centennial, central, centimeter, centerpiece, centerfold. Those are just a few, there are tons more.
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What year did government start making 1 cent coins?

Decimal Currency commenced in Australia on the 14th of February, 1966, the day the 1 cent coin became the basic unit of our currency. The coins were actually minted in 1965 in

What are some words that start with cent?

Some words that start with cent are: cents, century, centaur, center, central, centimetre, centrifuge, centurion, centipede, centenary, centennial, centigram Some homophones a

If you have come across a 1960 penny is it worth more than 1 cent?

  Since you asked "If you come across..." I'll assume you found it in your spare change and thus it's in fairly circulated condition. If these assumptions are correct, the

Need more words that start with A?

alchemy alchemist ambiguity ambassador ambiguous alternatives aluminum alliance allergy amateurish architectural analyse amphitheatre albumen announcement anticipate archaeolo

How do you get more cents in evony?

You have to buy them. It is basically like a membership. Eg. Membership for Runescape. They have some deals that are really good though, something like $5 USD for 250 Evony ce

Are 1996 s pennies worth more than 1 cent?

1996-S cents were only struck for sale as part of proof sets. In their original package, they retail for about $1 to $1.50. If the coin has been removed from its package and

Was the penny more than 1 cent?

If you're referring to US coins commonly called pennies, the words have always referred to the same coin. It's a holdover from Colonial times when the US used British coins. B