34 letters only - why are Mr and Mrs Number so happy?

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They are ging to have a little one.
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What are mrs.?

It is easy! Mrs is a woman who is married! Mr is a man or boy or whatever and miss is a female who is not married! xx Hope it helps.... xxx bibi xx:
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What are mr Gerrets Happy tests?

Happy Tests are tests Mr. Garret, aspire middle school social studies teacher, gives out. They are called Happy Tests because when we fail them, he has a big grin on his face.
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What is in Mr Happy G20 Potpourri?

its a blend of synthetic cannabinoids sprayed onto dry herbs. thepackage will say its not for human consumption so it can be sold instores and also to avoid problems with any
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Is mr happy face scary?

i dont know about you but Mr.happyface isent scary i mean how can he be scary if he has a happy face.