3 bros went fishing you see 1 and he says i got tired so i countd the fish there wasnt an even 3rd so i threw 1 away took my share and left each brother did the same thing how many did they start with?

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They started with 4.
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Why do fish lay so many eggs?

Because in the wild 99.9% of them (or so) get eaten. So in numbers there is strength....and survival. IT IS SO LAME!!!!

Left nuva ring in fourth week i was feeling nausea so i took test was neg. then took ring out got period really heavy brown for 3 days. nausea ne thing i smell dizzy not hungry emotional. pregnant?

\nHi! Be calm. Actually the ring has estrogen in it, so the estrogen itself can make you nauseous. Were you feeling nauseous before the 4th week? \n. \nThe intensity of you

Why do fish have so many babies?

Because, if they didn't reproduce a lot they would be extinct considering the amount of fishing in some countries and the mammals that rely on them.