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4th grade science fair projects ideas for kids?

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Science projects
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What is a good science fair project for seventh grade?

    A winner at my school was....     Find out which school has more germs. Your elementary school or your middle school? Collect samples from the door knobs, f

5th grade gymnastics science fair project?

A science fair project for 5th grade gymnastics could be about how  much better the gymnasts get with practice. Watch the gymnasts  involved over a period of time and record

What are good science fair projects for 9th grade?

There are so many interesting ideas a 9th grader can do for a  science fair project. One can do a project on whether gum helps you  to concentrate, how carnivorous plants di

What is a good science fair project for sixth grade?

I don't know what state you are in, but in CA the 6th grade studies volcanoes and those always make a good science project. Look in your science book and at the end of each un

What is a good science fair project idea for first grade?

Leaves Collection. The goal of the project is to explain the concept of biodiversity, and find out how many different species of trees and bushes grow in your backyard (your