6 year old son has a resting heart rate of 102 and blood pressure of 94 over 45 and says his chest hurts?

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A normal resting heart rate for a 6 year old child is between 18 and 30 beats per minute. The normal blood pressure is 70 over 120. You should seek medical attention right away.
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What is the resting heart rate for a 28 year old female?

The normal heart rate for adults is between 60-100 beats per minute. However, medications and certain conditions can raise and lower your normal pulse rate. Additionally, people who are very physically fit sometimes have a much lower resting heart rate. See your doctor to determine what a proper hea (MORE)

Average resting heart rate for 18 year olds?

The average resting rate for a healthy 18 year old is anywhere from60-100 beats per minute. However, the athletically trained 18 yearold should have a heart beat anywhere from 40-60 beats per minute.

What is the normal resting heart rate for a 40 year old?

The normal heart rate for an adult is 60-100 beats per minute. Where your particular heart rate falls depends on many things, including your overall physical health, medications you take, your volume status, and your sympathetic tone.

What if your blood pressure is 157 over 94?

If your blood pressure is 157/94 it means that you have high blood pressure. The normal range of blood pressure is 120/80. HIGH Blood Pressure Symptoms - Stressed, Sedentary, Bloated, Weak, Failing Systolic - Diastolic 210 - 120 - Stage 4 High Blood Pressure 180 - 110 - Stage 3 High Blood (MORE)

What is the normal Blood Pressure rate for a 45 year old woman?

120/80 or lower is considered normal upper limit but 120/80 may be considered high depending what is normal for you. For example, if your blood pressure has been running 108/66 and is starts staying 120/80, that is a sign something has changed and you needs to take action.

What is Normal resting heart rate for 9 year old male My 9 year old very active athletic son who is 60 pounds has resting heart rate of 50?

I would say that your sons heart is as perfect as it can be. He probably has a extremely high exercise threshold. 50-60 BPM is awesome, 60-80 good, 80-100 normal (even for a seditary kid), 100-110 out of shape, anything over 110 resting should be checked by cardiologist NOT a family doctor. Any othe (MORE)

Unsafe heart rate for 45 year old man?

I am a 55 year old woman. I suffer from hypertension. I have just recently switch my medication to Cartia (beta blocker), as a result I am suffering from too low heart rate and high blood pressures. I am afraid to take this medication further because i had to be rushed to the hospital last night bec (MORE)

Why is your resting pulse 102 and your blood pressure is 118 82?

In most individuals, even a high resting pulse rate in unconditioned people will not exceed 75-80 beats per minutes. Excluding external drug effects, physicians would consider this borderline tachycardia and monitor via 12-lead EKG and/or echocardiogram to determine any cardiac abnormalities. At thi (MORE)

What is the resting heart rate for a 14 year old female?

I am 14 years old with PSVT which is a heart disorder so my resting heart rate is always higher then normal. For that reason I know your heart rate for a 14 year old healthy girl should be between 80-100 bpm . If your heart rate is slightly over 100 I wouldn't worry to much. if your resting heart (MORE)

6 year olds heart rate is 100 while resting is that bad?

The child's heart rate is pretty normal. The normal heart rate for a resting 6 year old is about 70-120, so they're right in the middle.. For resting heart rate:. Newborn infants: 100 - 160 beats per minute . Children 1 to 10 years: 70 - 120 beats per minute . Children over 10 and adults (includ (MORE)

29 year old. resting heart rate is over 200 at times?

You should consult a cardiologist and arrhythmia specialist to determine what's causing such a high resting heart rate. Normal resting heart rates should be between 60 and 100 beats per minute. Your fast heart rate could be a sign of a heart condition that could be monitored or cured. I am no doctor (MORE)

8 year old with heart rate 200 at rest?

That is pretty high! My heartrate was that high for about 2 hours for no reason at all and I was fine. If it happens again take them to the ER just to get it checked out not because they are going to die but so you can figure out what is wrong. It is probably SVT.

26 year old with a resting heart rate at 130?

I would suggest you see your doctor right away! I went today and my resting rate was 120 and I'm 26. If its that high then your blood pressure probably is too. The dr gave me blood presure meds to try and see if it would bring it down. Good luck!!

Normal heart rate and blood pressure for 77 year old man?

O.K. Boys! Here is my 77 year old resting heart rate--72 to 78 based on ten second test at 12 to 13 beats. I have a stent in my heart and a new pacemaker which has nothing to do with heart rate as it was the same before turning into a bionic stud. The blood pressure has remained the same for years n (MORE)

Is 102 over 39 blood pressure ok for a 60 yr old man?

The blood pressure is kinda low and the diastolic number is very low. Normal blood pressure for a healthy man is 120 over 80. If your blood pressure has been like this your entire life then that may be normal for you.

Resting heart rate 42 year old female?

Everything from 65 to 95 BPM will be considered OK. Ideal heart resting heart rate for 42 year old female would be 65-70 BPM. http://www.24by7info.com/heartrate/normal_heart_rate_in_adult.html http://www.24by7info.com/normalheartrateinadult/normal_heart_rate_in_adult.html

What is the resting heart rate for a 37 year old female?

A normal resting heart rate can range anywhere from 60-100 beats per minute (bpm) with the majority falling between 60 to 80. If you are very fit, your resting bpm could be as low as 40 bpm. Your maximal heartrate is calculated as 220-your age. (For a 37 y.o. female = 183)

Is 140 over 94 good blood pressure for a 44 year old male?

Not really. The 140 is not too bad, a little high maybe, but not overly so. However, the 94 is way too high. You may want to avoid salt in your diet, reduce any stress you are under. And start an exercise routine. If none of that works, there are meds your doctor can give to try and reduce that bloo (MORE)

Is 127 over 83 a good blood pressure for a 45 year old male?

It is definitely not bad at all, but it could be a little bit lower. It should be said that you have a lower blood pressure than many 45 year old males! Most doctors won't have any problem at all with 127/83, but the lower your blood pressure (to an extent) the better your overall long-term health. (MORE)

Is a blood pressure rating of 154 over 94 dangerous for a 45 year old male?

High blood pressure or 'hypertension' can lead to heart attack, kidney failure, stroke and even blindness if left untreated. It's very high for someone of your age. I have no idea what your lifestyle is like as many lifestyle factors can influence your blood pressure. Fit your age it should be appro (MORE)

What does it mean when you have high blood pressure with a low heart rate For example my BP is around 165 over 110 and my heart rate is around 45 bpm?

Blood pressure is measured to determine the pressure your arteries are having on your blood flow. Think of your arteries like a straw; if the straw is wide open fluid can freely move throughout the straw. This would result in a normal blood pressure typically anything under 120/80 is ideal. This is (MORE)

What should your blood pressure be if you weigh 102 pounds at only 18 years old?

\n . Blood pressure is considered normal if within a certain specified range for anyone over the age of approximately 12, regardless of weight, height, or gender. You should strive for a blood pressure that is less than 120 over 80 on average (small peaks are normal and not a cause for concern). If (MORE)

What is the resting heart rate for 69 year old female?

Experts consensus reveals that 98% of cardiologists believe thatthe "60 to 100" range is too high, with a vast majority of themagreeing that 50 to 90 beats per minute is more appropriate.This true for most individuals.