A country that must reduce current consumption to increase future consumption possibilities?

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must be producing along the production possibilities curve.
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How do you reduce fuel consumption in excavators?

GPS tracking is one good way to reduce fuel costs for heavy equipment. Many people do not understand that with an embedded gps system, they can track vehilce activity as well

Can you reduce consumption?

There are various ways that you can reduce energy consumption. Oneof the best options is using green energy like geothermal or windpower which will help in reduction of consum

Why should you reduce your water consumption?

In terms of pollution and green living, some would argue that the water we're drinking today was once dinosaur urine and it there is no ecological harm in using as much as we

Does a increase in current result in increase in electrical consumption?

As you are billed on the consumption of wattage and wattage is the product of amp times volts the answer to your question is yes. An increase in current will result in an incr

How can you reduce water consumption?

There are many ways to reduce water use. Try taking shorter showers, turning off the water while brushing your teeth, and not watering your lawn. When a large number of people
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Why should you reduce your energy consumption?

Because the most used energy consumes the planets resources such as coal and oil etc. these resources are limited and will one day run out, and it will have a drastic effect o