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A country that must reduce current consumption to increase future consumption possibilities?

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must be producing along the production possibilities curve.
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Which country has the highest gold consumption?

India is the largest consumer of gold in the world. Most of the gold purchased by India go for jewelry purpose. In that way, Indian Govt doesn't own the gold.

What is consumption?

Answer   "Consumption" is an old name for tuberculosis (TB) that describes how the illness wastes away or consumes its victims. TB is "an ancient enemy" that has plagued

How do you reduce consumption of coal and petroleum?

Some of the steps which can be taken to conserve energy resources are as follows:   Switch off the light, fans, television and other electricity appliances when not needed.

What are 7 ways to reduce water consumption?

Shorter showersShallower bathsPlant a garden that doesn't need much waterTurn the water off while you brush your teethKeep a bowl in the sink for washing upOnly use a dishwash

How do you reduce the fuel consumption of an airplane?

There's three ways to reduce the fuel consumption in an airplane, starting with the easiest; reduce the total weight, reduce drag, and increase the engine's efficiency.  

How can you reduce energy consumption?

Wash a full load (clothes or dishwasher) and pretreat or soak before hand so you can wash on cold, Use the sun and the wind to dry your clothes. If that's not possible, don't
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What does consumption do?

If you mean antiquated med term for TB, destroys the lungs and can  spread to other organs damaging them if untreated as well as other  visible signs like coughing up blood