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A flower worn by a man in his lapel?

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A flower worn by a man on his lapel is called a "Boutineer".
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What is a lapel?

A lapel is a part of the front of a garment that is turned back and is usually a continuation of the collar.

Green onion worn on a suite lapel?

    It's St David's day today, the Welsh emblem is a leek,   St. David is Wales' Patron saint and Prince Charles is the Prince of Wales. It was a leek in his button

What is a flower worn by a man in his lapel?

The flower a man wears in his lapel is called a boutonniere (derived from French and means button hole in both France and England). It can be any type of flower that he choose

Where does a male wear a lapel flower for prom night?

Girls/women might wear a flower in her hair, or on her wrist. Aboy/man would wear a lapel flower in the same place you would at awedding (on the right of your chest, if he has

What is the lapel pin worn by Gary Sinise on CSI NY?

Gary Sinise who plays Mac Taylor wears a small pin on his left lapel. The pin is a small circle with the letters DB which stands for "Detective Bureau". The small pins are giv

What emblem is on the lapel flag pin worn by Sean Hannity?

It varies. Sometimes he wears an American flag lapel pin, as many political figures have also been doing since 9/11. Sometimes, however, he seems to wear a lapel pin with the