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A flower worn by a man in his lapel?

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A flower worn by a man on his lapel is called a "Boutineer".
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What is the lapel pin worn by Gary Sinise on CSI NY?

Gary Sinise who plays Mac Taylor wears a small pin on his left lapel. The pin is a small circle with the letters DB which stands for "Detective Bureau". The small pins are giv

What two flowers are worn on Anzac day?

red poppy as it was the flower that grew on the battlefield after the war and rosemary as it was said to bring back memories

What are the lapel pins for?

Lapel Pins Lapel pins are smaller than trading pins. These usually goes on the collar or lapel of a suite. Lapels might be made out of cloisonne, off-set, soft enamel, or di

What is a lapel?

A lapel is a part of the front of a garment that is turned back and is usually a continuation of the collar.
In Hawaii

What is the name for a festival garland of flower blossoms worn in Hawaii?

A lei is a festival garland of flower blossoms worn inHawaii. Specifically, the word actually designates any objects which arestrung together in a series and with the inten