A game-show host has placed a car behind one of three doors There is a goat behind each of the other doors First you point toward a door he says Then I'll open one of the other doors to reve?

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What is the real story behind the Dublin Doors?

George Moore lived next to Oliver St John Gogarty in Ely Place offStephens white. Both were famous writers and both rather eccentric.All the doors of Ely Place were then painted white. Moore paintedhis door green so that the drunken Gogarty would not come knockingon it, thinking it to be his own doo (MORE)

What is behind blocked Pokemon mansion doors?

If you get the national dex, beat the elite 4, release your starter pokemon, go to prof oak or rowan (i can't remember), he'll battle you (beat him) and then go to the mansion. It's a surprise! Not really. Behind one door, there's LUGIA, and behind the next, HO-OH! Check it ou (MORE)

What is behind the locked door in mossdeep city?

A player needs the e-reader with a trainer card to unlock the doorin Mossdeep city. This was a feature put into the game but sincethe e-reader was not very well taken to in the US and Europe mosthave never unlocked the door.

A game-show host has placed a car behind one of three doors There is a goat behind each of the other doors First you point toward a door he says Then I'll open one of the other doors to reveal?

the answer is switch because when you first pick you have a 1/3 chance of getting the car and a 2/3 chance of picking a goat, when the host opens up one of the other doors with a goat there is now a 2/3 chance that the car is in the other door you did not pick. if you run through the possibilities y (MORE)

Explain There are two doors and there is one guard for each door one door leads to life and the other leads to death you have only one question to ask and one of the guard tells only lies?

Walk up to either guard and say to him: "what would the other guard say if i asked if this door leads to life" if he has it isn't life then it really is, one guard lies and one tells the truth, the one that lie's will always lie, and the one that tells you the truth is telling you what the one lying (MORE)

What is behind the green glass door?

Green is behind the green glass door. Glass is behind the green glass door. Door is behind the green glass door. Streets are behind the green glass door, but not roads. Messages are behind the green glass door, but not mail. Pillows are behind the green glass door, but not blankets. Discussing is be (MORE)

What do people mean when they say what's behind door 1?

They are referring to an old game show called "Let's Make A Deal". In the game contestants would be offered a chance to have what was behind one of three doors. Then the host, Monty Hall, would unveil what was behind the doors. So it means what kind of "prize" do you get, or what have you passed up. (MORE)

Why are door handles placed towards the corner of the door?

The door-handle is usually on the opposite side of the door from the hinges to give the best leverage on the door, ie you need less force to pull the door open.. You are producing a torque on the door. (Torque is a rotational force). Essentially, as you apply a force to rotate something, less is ne (MORE)

In the three door game why do you first have a 33 percent chance of guessing the correct door but after the host opens one of the doors do you have a 66 percent not a 50 percent chance?

This is a very famous problem in probability and the answer goes against the intuition of most people including mathematicians.. So picture 3 doors and a prize behind 1 of the doors. Let's say it is the WikiAnswers gold badge, worth lots of time and work. Now since there are 3 doors and 1 prize, t (MORE)

What is behind the door on Serven Island?

This is a rumor so don't take me for granted, behind the door is a room with a trainer that will battle you and its team aquas leader Archie and he has a missingno.

'Behind the Green Door' brain teaser?

Behind the green door is your brain teaser it teases your brain by making you say stuff that you should not be saying now you can do the three L's listen to it learn it now live it

Who is behind the door the lady or the tiger?

What a question! I have not read this book in a long time but I remember enough to tell you that even the author doesn't know. It is for you to decide. That is the way the author wanted to end the book. Some people hate endings like this and others like the idea of deciding what happened. A book tha (MORE)

Who is at fault if someone opens their car door is hit but the other perrson is speeding?

not sure what you mean by "someone opens their car door is hit",but usually, the person speeding is at fault. He IS speedingafterall, which is illegal in the first place.. Disagree: It is the responsiblity of the personopening the car door to ascrtain if there is oncoming traffic andit is safe to (MORE)

What is behind the door in the Underground on Moshi Monsters?

There's a big scary door, with a large chain and padlock to the left of the Underground Disco on Moshi Monsters. This appeared in the Super Moshi Mission "Pop Goes the Boo Boo". In the mission, we find out that there's a secret C.L.O.N.C. lab behind the door.

What is behind the door in the hidden lake?

Behind the door lies a hidden room called the underwater room in club penguin. Many girl penguins like to play "mermaids" in this room. There is also a pin in here called "moss key'' pin.

How do you open nearside door does not open when others are unlocked?

Your dead bolt has probably locked itself on, this happened to my 307, it cost me over £200 to get fixed by a dealer, which is what i would recommend as i tookmine first to a garage and they wanted to hack the interiour door away which would have cost a further £300 to replace.

What is the technology behind an automatic door?

Automatic doors use a motion sensor, or optical sensor. The sensors are usually based at the top of the door, slightly in front of it, so that it can detect when someone becomes near to the door and trigger it to open as a result. They are ideal for busy shops or industrial buildings, where having r (MORE)

What does it mean when you dream of children behind doors?

Your state of mind may be always on security of children. . The children in this dream might represent the dreamer's work or creative endeavors. Perhaps the dreamer feels that his/her efforts are not recognized, that is, they are hidden. Those doors might also be symbolic of circumstances that prev (MORE)

What is polish it behind the door mean?

When you repeat it several times, very quickly, it changes to indicate that Polly did something behind the door that one would usually do in the bathroom. It is a play on words that has no meaning.

When did Alexander Graham Bell say when one door closes another one opens?

Bell may not be the originator of this quote. The complete excerpt is: When one door closes, another opens; but we often look so long and so regretfully upon the closed door that we do not see the one which has opened for us. . The earliest attribution for this quote is to Jean Paul Richter, a (MORE)

How can one replace a door with double doors?

A door can be replaced with a double door if the wall into which the door fits is thick enough to allow both of the double doors to be hinged. Thus almost all can be replaced by double doors.