A man finds a truck full of diamonds He tries to sell them but they end up being fake How is he a millionaire?

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because he was already rich
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How can I fake being the last man on Earth for one weekend?

Answer . Oh, you gullible soul. Chances are that the women who told you this were rejecting your sexual advances. If you would truly like to fake being the last man on E

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How do diamonds end up in streambeds?

Diamonds are erupted to the surface of earth by volcanic pipes.When water flows over these pipes, diamonds are tumbled out and canbe found in stream beds. They can also be fou

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However, Pedro Alvares Cabral, still with the intention of arriving in India, "discovers"Brazil in 1500, from 1534 begins with the colonization of Brazil with the creation of
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Which companies sell a man made diamond?

Nea Diamonds, Gemesis, Chatham Jewelry, Takara Diamonds, Apollo Diamonds, Lucent Diamonds and Renaissance Diamonds are few diamond manufacturers selling man made diamond.