A man leaves home and after making three left turns he ends up back at home and finds two masked men waiting for him What is happening?

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The man is a baseball player. He hits a home run then runs all the bases. When he returns to home plate the two masked men are the umpire and the catcher.
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If your 16-year-old has left home can you make her come home if you find her in the state of Georgia?

Answer . Georgia law prohibits a law enforcement agency from establishing a waiting period for a missing person's report pertaining to a minor, the report should be made to the local police immediately. The parents should be prepared to give the names of relatives, the teen's friends, place of em (MORE)

Should you get help if your parents are splitting up and you are living at home waiting for your new house to be built and you ended up breaking down and shouting while drinking last night?

Answer . Do you need help? No! It's just one of life's down-turns and there will be many more to come. \n. \nYou've got two main stress' #1 your parents breaking up and #2 waiting for your new home to be built so you can have some well deserved privacy. You should tackle this in a different (MORE)

Can you turn your home back over to the bank?

I am in Kentucky, and in the middle of foreclosure on my home. I hadn't heard anything from the bank at all, until today. 2 men from the bank I'm buying my home from pulled up in the driveway and said that they would give me 2 weeks to sell the home or I could go in to their office and sign the home (MORE)

How do you make a significant other leave the home?

This would depend on a few issues such as home ownership, legalities etc. The best thing to do is sit down and rationally try to talk about this with your other half. This could get ugly with lawyers and court so you have to approach this topic in a polite, honest, straight forward manner while tryi (MORE)

Can you make your mother-in-law leave your home?

With very few exceptions, you're not legally required to extendhospitality to anyone you don't like, so yes. That said, it might cause problems with your spouse, especially ifthe home belongs to both of you (which it probably does). It may bethat the best you can do is tell your spouse "either she (MORE)

Can you leave home at 17 in Louisiana with your parents being able to make you come back?

My question involves emancipation laws for the State of: LOUISIANA My question is: Why are answer's given on this site "not" verified first? I must say that I am VERY disappointed in the answers given to 17 yr olds on here by Senior Members. Every State is different. Louisiana may be 18 for the (MORE)

Did man leave home running?

There are many different men that leave their home running. This isbecause running is a very popular athletic activity.

If you are 16 and you leave your home can the cops make you go home?

UK: no they legally can't because 16 is the legal age where you can move out of your house for whatever reason. they cops will come talk to you and ask why you left home and they'll say okay. but if you left home to run away, then they may or may not take you back home. USA: Yes they can. Unle (MORE)

What happens when deceased mom leaves home to her three children and one lives in the home?

Legally, all three own an equal share in the home. The fact that one lives in the home is legally irrelevant. Before she died, one of the children was living in the mother's home, owned by one person. Now, one of the children is living in a home owned by 3 people.. Property owned by multiple people (MORE)

How do salmon find their way back to their home?

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill think they may have the answer: The animals' brains focus on an "address" on the Earth based on the Earth's magnetic field. That magnetic field is different -- yet, unique, in the actual sense of that oft-misused word -- at every point on the globe.. The (MORE)

Can you make a three bedroom home into a two?

Yes, I tore out a wall between two small bedrooms in my apartment. You must make certain to get professional advice if you decide to tear down walls. If you tear down a load bearing wall you will be in for costly repairs.

The wiring in most homes consist of three wires Two wires make up an electric circuit What is the purpose of the third wire?

A short answer to this question is: the purpose of the third wire is that it is installed to provide a safety wire that will carry any ground current if a fault condition occurs. For more complete information please see the answer to the Related Question shown below. There are two main t (MORE)

How do sharks find or make their home?

\nmostly sharks are on the go for food and if a shark stops swimming it is not getting oxygen for its gills but the angel shark and other sharks like that try to find a overhang of a place to hide

Driver A making a left hand turn into a driveway off of a two way street and get hit leaving front end damage on driver A's car only side damage on driver B's car who tried to pass who's at fault?

Your question is slightly confusing. If you are saying that driver A was turning left and driver B attempted to pass them on the left then driver B is at fault because it is illegal to pass on the left except in a clearly marked passing zone (in which case as long as driver A had their directional s (MORE)

Does Alice ever make it back home?

Actually she didn't know it was all a dream. She had been dozing off. Because she followed the white rabbit and was in a strange place, and wondered how to get home and asked the strange creatures for directions, but none of them would help her, and she was home after she got chased by a pack of car (MORE)

Do possums find their way back home?

If possums are taken only a short distance away, they will certainly find their way back to their territory. Possums cannot be relocated because they are very territorial.

What happen to Columbus when he got back home?

He was tried, convicted and imprisoned of multiple counts of murder, mass murder of an entire people; called Brutality at the time and Genocide today. He was pardoned by the king of Italy, a few months later.

How to make a house turn into a real home?

A real home is where the heart is. Let us define a home in terms of senses. The five basic senses of a human being HEARING, SIGHT, TASTE, TOUCH, AND SMELL. We can turn the house into a home through the five senses. We should fill a home with laughter, music, joyful conversation, and most reading (MORE)

Who is at fault if driver a waiting to make left hand turn does not yield to ongoing traffic and car b hits back end o f car who and was a busy street with no lights?

It depends on what you mean by 'ongoing'. If you are waiting to make a left, the traffic moving in the opposite direction is called the oncoming traffic. If you did not yield to the oncoming traffic, or did not wait for it to clear the intersection before you turned, then you are at fault for the ac (MORE)

How do you make a canary come back to its home?

I would first like to extend my deepest condolences regarding the loss of your canary. I have had MANY friends throughout my life that have accidentally left the cage door open. NONE of them EVER came back. Perhaps, yours will be different. I suppose we can hope for the best. The ONLY way to attract (MORE)