A phrase in most children stories?

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1. Once upone a time
2. The End
3. They lived happily ever after
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Who had the most children?

I saw on TV that a long long long time ago some guy had over 300children with a lot of different women. yea so that's it yes well there is 18 kids and counting you can watch t
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What does the phrase the story applies to you mean?

If someone says "the story applies to you" they mean that the story they told is similar to something they see in your life, and they think the lesson of the story is a lesson
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Is this phrase correct children for school?

I'm not sure I understand your question. What phrase are you asking about, "children for school?" If that is what you mean, it could be correct depending on how it is used in
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What is the most popular Christmas story for children?

The most popular Christmas story for children is the navity story. This story holds powerful reference to religious characters and also helps children understand the true mean