A sentence for hasten?

She needs to hasten and go to the hospital because it's an emergency.

He didn't need to hasten back to the building so he took the longer path.
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Why does applying rock salt to an icy sidewalk hasten the melting process?

  Salt water melts at a lower temperature than pure water, so if the temperature is just slightly below freezing, near 32°F (or 0 °C), then putting salt on the ice will (MORE)

How long does it takes for a crucified man to die if his legs were not broken to hasten death?

Breaking the legs of a crucified person was not to hasten their dearth, it was so that the person could not get himself off the cross and get away.Answer:Death by crucifixion (MORE)

Does morphine hasten death?

The side effects of morphine can contribute to death, by impacting  breathing, and also in an immune compromised person, or critically  ill person the morphine can hasten de (MORE)

What does hastened mean?

It actually means to do something immediately or to speed something up and go somewhere quickly. But sometimes using thesaurus to know the meaning of a certain word is more he (MORE)