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A space traveler weighs 663 N on Earth What will the traveler weigh on another planet whose radius is 4 times that of earth and whose mass is 4 times that of earth?

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2652 N and newtons are a measure of force not weight.
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Assume a person weighs 980 N on the surface of earth. What is the weight of the person whose is three times the distance from the centre of Earth?

  The person three times the distance will weigh 1/3^2 the weight or 1/9 the weight.     980=mGM/R^2 the first person on the earth's surface. The second person, p

What is the travel time from Earth to Jupiter?

Traveling at the speed of light (3.0 times 10 to the power of 8 m/s) and with Jupiter being approximately 631 million kilometers away. It would take you 2103 seconds(35 minute

What is the travel time to get from Earth to Jupiter in a rocket?

As earth revolves around the sun at a much faster speed than Jupiter does, the distance is changing a lot from year to year, even every minute. If say starting from the sun,

What is the travel time from earth to sun?

Light takes about 8 minutes to travel from Earth to the sun. The sun is about 93 million miles away, so it would take about 177 years to get to the sun in a car traveling at 6