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There is no abbreviation for "chocolate," although sometimes there is a store shorthand for it that refers to "choc."
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Why is abbreviation such a long word?

So you can abv. it. . Abbreviation, in itself, is not an abbreviation, so obviously it is not going to be small, and concise, but more of a broad word. The long word "abbreviation" started from the short Latin word brevis, meaning short. . Like George Carlin's "Why is infinitesimal such a long word?", "Why is 'eternal' shorter than 'momentary'? ...and 'eon' shorter than 'nanosecond'?", "How is it possible to read the word 'invisible'?". . I know what you mean. Every time I finish spelling abbreviation I feel like I'm saying goodbye to an old friend. I've felt affection for shorter words, but it's the long ones that are so involving and require the kind of investment you could only make for an old friend. I can understand if you don't care much for abbreviation, as the word is long but sort of meaningless in a condensed sort of way, but surely there must some long word you like. How about constitutionalism? That's a long word that people can get behind. What about ethnocentrism? I don't really know what it means but it sounds cool and it's pretty damn long for a word. Just a thought. . Abbreviation is as long as it needs to be, so abbreviate it to abbr. . Short words don't tend to get abbreviated. I think I is somewhat fitting that the word for 'shortened' can be shortened, and still be understood. . Because you have to make up for the letters you abbreviate somehow! . The length of words in a natural language tends to be inversely proportional with how often they are used - frequent words are shorter, rare words longer. This makes sense as people will find a shorter alternative for a long word if they have to use it often - like how "automobile" turned into "auto". I expect most people would rather have a 3-letter "the" and a 12-letter "abbreviation" than the other way around. . When people create words, they don't think about how the word physically represents or does not represent it's definition.

Why is the word abbreviation such a big word?

To illustrate its meaning with irony. The English language is built on many Latin words and derivatives. "Ab-" as a prefix means "to take away". In this case, you're taking away some letters to make a shortened, formalized version that can stand for a certain word. In some cases, we take away numbers, such as "I graduated in the Class of '88." Abbreviations have rules in how they are formed. We can't just take away letters that we want to take; we only remove the letters that result in the standard abbreviation, one that's often been used and recognized over centuries. --- Etymology is from the Latin verb Abbreviare which means to make something brief. As you are shortening a word/phrase, abbreviation fits and will have to be used until another is coined.

How do you abbreviate the word commission?

COMM . According to the USPS (abbreviation for US Postal Service) the proper abbreviation for commission is COMM. I would have to agree but keep in mind there is a slight chance this abbreviation is simply what the Postal service uses and may not be the official abbreviation (if there is one). This was the only reference I could find.

How do you abbreviate the word performance?

In business and the stock market, you abbreviate the wordperformance as PERF. In the stock market, performance refers to howa stock is doing.

How do you abbreviate the word 'about'?

One common abbreviation is "ca." Another way is the equals sign = with a squiggle over it-- like an S on its side. ## The word "about" is abbreviated as: abt. (The dot at the end shows that the sequence of letters is not a word in itself, but stands for one.) "Ca." is the abbreviation for Latin "circa", which means "about".

How do you abbreviate the words it has?

It's it's's been a while since i have seen you last ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ EDIT - Technically speaking- you can't abbreviate 'it has', because an abbreviation is a shortened form of a word or phrase. For example, many people in Australia refer to the place 'Wagga Wagga' as just 'Wagga', and the common name 'Ben' is usually an abbreviation of 'Benjamin'. But It's is an acceptable CONTRACTION of the phrase 'it has'. Contractions and Abbreviations seem to get confused quite often. But the easiest way to differentiate the two are that a contraction combines 2 words using an apostrophe, whereas an abbreviation simply shortens something. I do understand that this edit does not entirely help in terms of providing an answer to what the original poster was asking, but I do think that it is important for people to understand the difference between a contraction and an abbreviation.

How do you abbreviate the word with?

"w/" is the standard abbreviation for "with". Can also be abbreviated by a lower case 'c' with a line over it. Usually used in the medical field.

What is the abbreviation for the word mountain?

It can be abbreviated MNTAIN, MNTN, MOUNTIN, MT, MTIN, MTN. However, the most common abbreviation used is MT. For the source and more detailed information concerning this subject, click on the related links section indicated below.

What is the abbreviation for the word Education?

"Edu." seems to be the most common abbreviation for the word "Education". However, I think I've seen "Ed." also.

Abbreviation for the word solution?

The word solution is usually abbreviated as soln. A solution refersto a homologous mixture of more than two substances.

What is the abbreviation of the word effective?

I have been told that it is efft., but I am trying to confirm it myself also.

What is the abbreviation for the word 'practice'?

In accessing, "practice" is noted as having three (3) abbreviation forms, including: "P," "Prac," and "Pract." Hope this information is helpful!

How do you abbreviate the word enforcement?

The word enforcement is usually not abbreviated, but can be formedas part of an acronym. An example is abbreviating law enforcementas LE.

Why is the word abbreviate so long?

because it is English and English is nonsence. since abbreviate IS the word abbreviate, it doesn't need to be abbreviated. It isn't what it isn't is.

What is abbreviation for the word enterprise?

There is no 'official' abbreviation for enterprise. However, 'ent.' is commonly used, based on a quick corpus seach of Google.

How do you abbreviate the word financing?

You can abbreviate the word finance by using FIN or FINC. Eitherway you choose to abbreviate is perfectly acceptable.

How do you abbreviate the word investments?

There are 5 ways to abbreviate the word investments. Investmentscan be abbreviated as invest, invt, I, Inv, and Investm.

How do you abbreviate the word group?

If 5 letters are just too many, you could shorten to "grp" if necessary. Not all words have or need abbreviations.

Whats the abbreviation for the word inspections?

The abbreviation for the word inspection is INSP. When you use theshorter version of the term, most people will know what you aretalking about based on the sentence you use the abbreviation in.

How you abbreviate the word accountant?

An abbreviation is a shortened form of a word of phrase used mainlyto make writing longer words easier. There is no abbreviation forthe word accountant.

How do you abbreviate the word scholarship?

There is no standard abbreviation for the word scholarship. Mostpeople will understand what you are referring to if you just removethe vowels.

How do you abbreviate the word 'important'?

You don't. Most words to not have abbreviations. In fact the only word in this entire answer that has an abbreviation is the word abbreviation, and that is only because it is the word abbreviation and we would have felt bad if we hadn't given it one.

What is the abbreviation for the word industrial?

According to the website 001.html#NL508 2, the correct abbreviation for the word industrial is IND.

How do you abbreviate the word 'coverage'?

There are many times when a person may need to abbreviate a wordbecause of space or other reasons. The word coverage does not havean abbreviated form.

Is ff an abbreviation for the word following?

Yes it is.. If you encounter the abbreviation "ff." in a text, it usually means "following", yes.

How do you abbreviate the word apartment?

According to the USPS, the correct abbreviation for "Apartment" is simply "APT." Here is the link to the USPS web site with the abbreviation for apartment and other common "secondary unit designators": Hope this helps! -Clint M.

Abbreviation for the word answer?

Ans. XP. Some people abbreviate it as "Exp" but doing so is idiotically redundant as when pronouncing "xp" you already pronounce the word faster.. while pronouncing it as "Exp" you either say only "xp" or actually say "E-xp"... making abbreviating the word redundant because you're extending the original abbreviation. The proper abbreviation for "Experience" is "xp"

Abbreviated for the words 'i had'?

I'd Example sentences: . I told my friend that I'd lost her telephone number. . I'd been thinking about you when I got your letter. . My brother was very annoyed that I'd used his iPod.

Words and their abbreviations?

Lol - laugh out loud Brb - be right back G2G - got 2 go I'm not really sure what u meant but I've given you this..! Hope I helped! :)

What is the word for abbreviation usc?

United States Cavalry University of Southern California University of South Carolina ....if you write back in with the actual sentence, we may be able to give you additional help

What is the abbreviation for the word appetizer?

Not sure there is anything official. I have seen it two ways. App and Apt

What is the legal abbreviation of the word Queensland?

According to the University of Queensland Library, the legal abbreviation for Queensland is Qld. All the letters should not be capitalised.

How do you abbreviate in other words?

i.e. ( id est ) means "that is" or "in other words". . Example: "For reasons not fully understood there is only a minor PSI contribution to the variable fluorescence emission of chloroplasts, i.e. the PSI fluorescence appears to be independent from the state of its reaction centre." .

How do you abbreviate the word copyright?

The most common abbreviation is © or simply c, but longer examples abound: copyr, cpyrt, and so on.

What is the abbreviation of the word method?

As far as I know, there is no agreed abbreviation for the word Method. But I could find one acceptable abbreviation which is: MTD. We can also use MTHD

What is the abbreviation of the word position?

Position, whether used as a noun or verb can be abbreviated byusing "posn." The word position means a place where something islocated or a way in which someone is arranged.

How do you abbreviate the word singular?

I was taught in grammar class that singular is abbreviated to "sing." while plural is abbreviated to "plur."

How do you abbreviate the word interstate?

In the US highway system, interstate is usually abbreviated to simply the capitol letter "I" as in I-75, etc.

How do you abbreviate the word BOUNDARY?

B ig O ranges U nited N ationally D oing A nother R ational Y ell

What is the abbreviation for word briefing?

br. that is a very tricky one but luckily i have learned this in advanced languange arts!

What does the word it's abbreviate?

The word it's stands for it is . For example, "It'snice to see you." Be VERY careful not to confuse it's with the lookalike,soundalike word its. That word is the possessive form of"it"; i.e. "belonging to it". Possessive pronouns (its, his, hers,yours, theirs, etc.) are the only major exception to the rule inEnglish that possessives have an apostrophe. If you're not sure which word to use, just remember that it's is the contraction for it is . If the sentencealso makes sense when you write it using it is , then it's is correct. If the sentence doesn't make any sense with it is , then use its : . Which is right? Its time to go , or It's time to go ? " It is time to go" is also correct, so use It's . Which is right? The dog ate its food , or Thedog ate it's food? "The dog ate it is food" is not valid English, so use its (the food belongs to the dog).

What is the abbreviation for the word premium?

Primo adjective a. the best of its kind. b. Exceptionally good of its kind; first class. c. Highly or most valuable. Attractive; great; flawless; "awesome". Also spelled premo Possible origins: from English "premium" meaning high quality, from Italian meaning first, from Latin prīmus

What is the abbreviation of the word functional?

I was wondering the same thing. I decided on FCNL. If you start using it too, that will make it official!

What is the abbreviation of the word slang?

You abbreviate long words, not short ones. You don't need to abbreviate slang because it's only 5 letters long.

How do you abbreviate the word quanitity?

Qty is used in the corporate world to make report headers better match small data values all the time.

What is the abbreviation for the latin word and so on?

The Latin phrase is "et cetera," and the abbreviation is "etc."Some people mispronounce this as "excetera" but it really beginswith "et."

What is the word for abbreviated for inf?

Used as a file name extension (i.e. ".inf") the word inf abbreviates is Information. INF is also used to abbreviate: Interferon Infinitive If-Then-Else Normal Form Industry Negative File Inland Navigation Facility Interface Interference Infantry Infiltration Infinium Infinity Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces International Naturist Federation International Nepal Fellowship Iron Fists (Delta Force Squadron) Irradiated Nuclear Fuel Item Not Found

What is the abbreviation of the word ounces?

In the U.S., the abbreviation for "ounces" is oz . I don't know if the answer varies in different parts of the world.

How do you abbreviate the word celebration?

There is no standard commonly used abbreviation for the world celebration. In certain areas, a lower case c with a hyphen over it is used. Shorthand, a lost art uses that abbreviation.

What is the abbreviation for the word and?

And is an article and I do not think you abbreviate articles. Unless there is some texting abbreviation I am not familiar with.