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In Africa
It's beside the Red Sea and the Mediterranean and it's above Sudan. It's also beside Israel and Saudi Arabia.
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What is Egypt?

Egypt of a country in the middle east. Egypt is a country located in the Middle East , specifically in North Africa . it is considered to be a major power in North Africa . It has the pyramids which is one of the " Wonders of the World " . Egypt is borded by the Mediterranean Sea to the norht (MORE)

When was Egypt invaded?

Ancient Egypt was invaded by the Greeks and Alexander the Great. Napoleon was there in the 1800's. Parts of Egypt were fought over in the North African campaigns of World War 2.

What can you do in Egypt?

There are many things you can do in Egypt. I have been therethrough a tour agency called ask-Aladdin recommended by my unclebecause my parents are worried about my safety. I was too eager togo there. if you want to go there it depends on what you love tovisit. If you are a dessert lover, party lover (MORE)

What is Egypt famous for?

The Pharaohs who have ruled over, the rich history, and the hotdeserts. Egypt is famous for the pyramids and the Nile.

When did Egypt start?

Answer Well, this is a quite mysterious question, but very easy to answer. Egypt started somewhere near the 15 century. This question was answered by a 10 year old girl. Answer This answer comes from someone who at 10 years of age realised the history of Egypt written by the Egyptologists a (MORE)

What is the location of Egypt?

Egypt occupies the northeastern corner of the African continent, and also is also a part of Asia with the Sinai Peninsula. It is also the "bridge" connecting Africa and the Middle East; the country itself is a North African nation and is a part of the Greater Middle East. It borders the Mediterranea (MORE)

When is Egypt hottest?

Egypt is in the northern hemisphere, so summers there are the same as summers in North America, Europe, Russia, and China. The hottest months are July and August in the northern hemisphere. Usually the month following the summer solstice tends to be the hottest. As the solstice is in late June, that (MORE)

What does Egypt export?

Egypt exports natural gas,aluminum, cotton clothing iron and steelproducts. But mostly natural gas. Also Egypt exports electronic equipment, plastics, vegetables,fruits, fertilizers.

What is Egypt known for?

Off the top of my head: Pyramids, Hieroglyphics, Old Mosques, Ancient Coptic churches, the different arabic words that usually aren't used in other Arab countries, Arabic, Coptic-Language, Cairo Museum, REVOLUTION, Nile, Tutankhamen, Oppression of the Jews & Christians Ancient and Current times, (MORE)

What does Egypt Grow?

Egyptians grew crops such as wheat, barley, vegetables, figs, melons, pomegranates and vines. They also used to grow flax, but it became less of a need for area people so they stopped growing it.

What to do in Egypt?

What to Visit in Egypt When you visit Egypt, there are so many sites that you will want to visit, the length of your trip will never seem long enough! We often meet people during our tours , that have been to Egypt more than 15 times, and they keep returning to see something new! They ask about t (MORE)

Who gave the name of Egypt to Egypt?

The Greeks called the land south of the Aegian sea, Aegyptos. Therefore the country of the nile and the pharaohs came to be known as Egypt (or some variation of it) in European Languages. The country itself was called Kemet by the Pharoahs and the people of the Nile when they spoke their own languag (MORE)

What is there in Egypt?

Pyramids and tombs. Also, there is the famous Nile River thatprovided rich soil for the ancient Egyptians. Plus, there areprobably historical sites to look at. --------------- Some people is protesting in Egypt, but i don't know why could youhelp me to know? Egypt is a really interesting spot to sp (MORE)

How did Egypt get Egypt as a name?

Its hard to tell as each language changes it: English - Egypt Egyptian - Misr Arabic - Masr According to Wikipedia, the English name Egypt was borrowed from the Middle French Egypte, from the Latin Aegyptus, from the ancient Greek Aígyptos. --------- I am here really to c (MORE)

Why is Egypt called Egypt?

The Greeks named it Aigyptos , which is thought to havederived from the words meaning "below the Aegean (Sea)". The Latinversion became Aegyptus , and the later French Egypte . It is worth noting that Egyptians themselves have never called thecountry "Egypt" or anything similar. The Ancient Egyp (MORE)

What about Egypt?

Egypt is called asa gift of Nile is the main river of Egypt. Two major dams areconstructed on the Nile near Aswan to fulfill the country'sirrigation needs. river Nile has been divided into two part'sregion west of the river Nile extending till the Libyan Desert is apart of Sahara Desert . It is occu (MORE)

Where in Egypt is Upper Egypt?

Upper Egypt is in the South of Egypt and is so called because the Nile, which is considered the life blood of Eygpt, converges in the Sudan (South) and flows South to North. Because of this, Southern cities like Luxor and Aswan are actually located in 'Upper Egypt' and northern places like Cairo ar (MORE)

What was egyptations diet in ancient Egypt?

bread, wine, water, meat, and more to discover at www.egyptianhistory.com also yam, figs and other sweeter foods were Incorporated in wealthier families. There was a large dependency on where one lived, and if one was located near the Nile, as most Egyptians were farmers, so if they lived nearer t (MORE)

Where in Egypt is lower Egypt?

Lower Egypt is in the Nile Delta, or the part near the Mediterranean Sea. It's above Upper Egypt. It is above Upper Egypt because of the way the Nile flows. (upstream, downstream, etc.)

Why Egypt was named Egypt?

Egypt was named Egypt because of Menes's. Menes was the 1st Pharaoh. He did not like the prior name which is unknown to me...

Why is the country Egypt named Egypt?

The name "Egypt" is believed to have come from the original name of Egypt's ancient capital Memphis, "Hout ka-Ptah," meaning "Castle of the ka of Ptah." This name was often used even for the country as a whole. The name came to be shortened and slightly transformed. Considering the original conson (MORE)

What did Egypt do?

In ancient Egypt, the pyramids of Giza were built. These pyramids were the tallest structure in the world in the past. The 3 pyramids are also one of the oldest 7 wonders of the world. this answer is pretty accurate because I'm an Egyptian.

Upper Egypt and Lower Egypt?

In ancient times, Egypt was divided into three kingdoms - Upeer Egypt, Lower Egypt, and Nubia. Lower Egypt is actually the northern part, Upper Egypt is the middle part, and Nubia is the southern part. I know, it's confusing... :) see http://www.answers.com/library/Wikipedia-cid-3571878 Upper (MORE)

What did tutankhamun do that was important for Egypt for Egypt?

It all started with Tutanhkamon's father. He outlawed the old religon, and put in place, one god. (many though he did this to get past all the priests attempting to grab power). The majority of the Egyptian people were upset about this. Aton (Tut's father) soon had a son, whom he named Tutanskaton ( (MORE)

What was the jobs in Egypt?

jobs that Egypt have are : noble men, army men,officers,court officals,priests (Egyptians were obsessed with priests),teachers,scribes,artists,craftsmen,foot soiders,farmers,laborers,and more

Are there Flamingos in Egypt?

Yes, the Greater Flamingo is found in Egypt in great numbers. The best place to see them in Egypt is Lake Qaran where numbers of Flamingos are up to 1000.

What are the religons in Egypt?

Islam is the state religion, and consequently the most widespread, covering ~90% of the population. The remaining 10% belong to Orthodox churches.

Why is Egypt popular?

Egypt is popular because lots of people go there for the hot weather or the sight seeing like the pyramids and the sphinx. Then nce people have visited for a little while they get use to it and really like it there and people start living there!

What is the best about Egypt?

The hot weather, swimming in the red sea, fridays when all the men dress in long gowns to go to mosque, the food.

Does Egypt have ecosystem?

yes Egypt has ecosystems. If you look at Egypt does it have land , yes does it have lakes, yes those all right there are ecosystems.I will give you a few but then you have to go on the internet and find the rest your self here are some ecosystems that Egypt has are mountains, lakes , rivers and has (MORE)

What is ethnicity is Egypt?

They are Egyptian but more accurate Masri (25 fifa champs). The most complete and most efficient genetic make up.

Is Moses from Egypt?

Moses was of Hebrew parents, but he was hidden in the river Nile, and the Pharaohs daughter found him and adopted him.

How does Egypt compare to ancient Egypt?

Answer The simple answer is that it doesn't. However, modern Britain has little in common with ancient Britain either. Of course, both countries claim their respective lands' treasures such as the Sphinx (Egypt) or Stonehenge (Britain). If we contrast Britain with Egypt, the ancient word for a bir (MORE)

When did the religion of Egypt become the Egypt?

Egypt became a country in 1945. It became a country because, Egypt was two separate kingdoms from about 3,000 B.C. - 1,500 B.C. And soon after they were united which means in old terms, that would be considered a country.

Why is lower Egypt in norther Egypt?

The names of both Upper and Lower Egypt do not have anything to do with there locations, Lower Egypt is called Lower Egypt because it has low elevation.

How did the location of Egypt effect Egypt?

Egypt was located near the nile so the nile gave Egypt annual flooding which made soil fertile.It also gave them water to drink,wash you name it. Egypt was called "the gift of the nile" because of that.Egypt would have been a desert if the nile wasn't there.

When was Egypt known as ancient Egypt?

The formal united kingdom of Egypt was created in 3150 BC by King Menes. This is about the time when historians refer to Egypt as ancient Egypt. However, during 2700-2200 BC, the Old Kingdom period is the first notable ancient Egyptian dynasty when man pyramids were built.

Why is lower Egypt in upper Egypt?

Lower Egypt is located in the north because the south has a higher elevation. Upper Egypt is located in the south, but has a higher elevation, so that is why Lower Egypt is in the north. It doesn't really make sense to us, but it must have to the ancient Egyptians.

Do people immigrate to Egypt or from Egypt?

Both, but Egypt suffers a net emigration. People who immigrate to Egypt are primarily from Sub-Saharan Africa who are looking to find a marginally better life than the one they abandoned in very precarious countries. However, Egypt has a major economic crisis and has had high unemployment for (MORE)