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Achilles was the god of what?

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Achilles, if he existed, was not a god. He was a soldier and known for participating in the attach and destruction of the City of Troy.
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Facts about Achilles the greek god?

Achilles, in Greek mythology, was a major player in the Trojan War.  He was supposed to be unable to be harmed except for one of the  heels of his feet because he was dipped

Is Achilles a god a king or a queen?

Achilles was just an amazing fighter in the Trojan War. Achillies was said to be the most handsome and the best of the soldiers to fight against troy. They said he was invulne

Why does Achilles anger the gods?

Achilles angered the Gods because he was very pretentious and chose not to believe and embrace the Gods. He chose not to believe (even though his mother was a goddess) because
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Was Achilles the descendant of a god?

He was a descendant of Neleus through his mother, Thetis. Neleus in term is a son of Poseidon so yes Achilles is a descendant of Poseidon