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Adolf Hitler was the leader of what country?

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Of Germany
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Why did Adolf Hitler become leader of Germany?

Germans felt anger over the the Versailles Treaty and Hitler gave them a strong sense of nationalism. He promised jobs and food, which appealed to many because Germany was goi

What countries did Adolf Hitler invade?

The German army under command of Hitler invaded many countries. In no particular order, they include:   Poland  Denmark  Norway  France  The Netherlands  Belgium  Egy

What countries did Adolf Hitler conquer?

Directly conquered: Poland, Denmark, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, France, Norway, Yugoslavia, Greece, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Byelorussia, Ukraine, Crimea (if you

What country did Adolf Hitler represent?

At the time of his peak, Adolf Hitler would have been seen as a representative of Germany(though he was Austrian by birth).

How did Adolf Hitler rule his country?

He used Politics, Propaganda and Terror

What made Adolf Hitler a good leader?

Although Adolf Hitler is not known for doing the greatest things he was still a very good leader for what he accomplished. I'm not saying killing all those Jews was a good thi

Was Adolf Hitler an effective leader?

Yes, he was an effective leader. He was charismatic and this  allowed him to do things that many leaders would not have been able  to. This does not, however, mean he was a

What did Adolf Hitler want for his country?

Hitler wanted Germany to rule the world, although considering his  age and state of health when he began WW2 it is unlikely he  expected to see this in his lifetime. Also co

Why did Germany want Adolf Hitler to be their leader?

First point- Hitler was not universally loved before he became  dictator in 1933-34. In the elections in 1932, the Nazi Party only  won 32% of the vote. In the elections of