Advantage and disadvantage of mobile in simple sentence?

Some advantages of mobile phones are that they are portable and that they keep phone numbers so they don't have to be memorized. Some disadvantages are that they can get lost easily and they need to be recharged.
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What're the advantages and disadvantages og using mobile phones?

·Easy to use · Good for emergenciesTalk to family abroadAdvantages: you can carry a mobile phone with you so you don't miss important callsif you are lost, you can call for (MORE)

Seven Advantages of mobile phone and seven disadvantage of mobile phone?

Advantages of mobile phones: 1. The mobile phone mobile phone is very particular. 2. Mobile phone devices are continually carried. 3. The mobile phone is generally on. 4. (MORE)
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Advantages and disadvantages of mobile phones?

Advantages and Disadvantages of Mobile Phones It is for a fact that having a mobile phone now a days is a sort of a necessity and it is an inevitable truth that mobile indust (MORE)

What is the Advantages and disadvantages of mobile commerce?

the advantage of m-commerce is:   1- providing wider reach.   2- reducing transaction cost   3- streamline business processes.   4- competitive pricing.   5- re (MORE)

What are advantages and disadvantages of using mobile phones in college?

  Advantages:   1-you can communicate with pupils in college.   2-you can communicate with teachers   3-if you will be late you can call your parents .   4-you (MORE)

What is the advantage and disadvantage of mobile computing?

Advantages:--   1- Selling a product or service in quicker time   2- reducing transaction cost from one a/c to another3- streamline business processes.4- competitive pri (MORE)

What are the advantages and disadvantages of mobile phone?

Advantages: - Ability to make phone calls while away from a land-line phone. - It can be used as a mp3 player, instead of carrying around your mobile and your iPod or what e (MORE)
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