Advantages and disadvantages of a consumer panel?

  • lower cost than primary data collection methods,
  • rapid availability and timelineness of brand switching and shifts in buyer preferences
  • accurate report of sensitive expenditures: beer, liquor, cigarettes
  • high level of specificity e.g. actual products not intentions anymore
  • information on aggregate sales activity and shifts in retail outlets (store performances
  • Disadvantages:
    • there are possibility of selection bias which is distortion of evidence or data that arises from the way that the data are collected.
    Mortality effect
  • testing effect
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What are the advantages of a consumer?

A consumer can find better prices in another place, therefore  making the salesperson lower the price- (SALE) "The customer is  always right"
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What are the disadvantages of a panel discussion?

In a panel discussion, if your train of thought is different from  the general "flow" then your ideas may be drowned out.
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