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Advantages and disadvantages of artificial limbs?

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I have been on an artificial limb since having an aka amputation in September 1977. The most advantageous explanation I can give is the freedom to move about, not crutched, not hindered, but fluid movement, one cannot grasp without the medical marvels. The disadvantages? I have felt many over my lifetime, however, with the technology in place, to place the artificial limb movement in the hands or memory data, of a microchip, is forever the dreaded stairs of America, not to mention the uneven terrains, and snow and ice play a huge part in justifying the rights and wrongs of us, prosthethesis wearers. In essence, I am a huge fan of the limb, and could not exist in this world, as it is today, without this device. Thanks, Gary Anderson, Kansas resident.
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Advantages and disadvantages of artificial hearts?

advantages;   -readily available   -no need for immunosuppressent drugs (stops heart from being  rejected)   -are kept alive longer waiting for a heart donor 

What materials are used to make artificial limbs?

Artificial limbs must be light weight, so they are normally made of  plastic. Sometimes they are made of titanium or aluminum, since  both metals are light.

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What does a artificial limb have to do with space?

An artificial limb is actually began in space. The robotic arms that they use in space travel today were actually the beginning of artificial limbs.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of using artificial blood in saving people's lives?

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What are artificial limbs made out of?

Artificial limbs are made from pylon, titanium, wood, and wool. Hope this answers your question.

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Who invented artificial limbs?

Dr. Vanghetti

Who created the first artificial limb?

The Egyptians invented the first artificial toe, which has been  shown through history. The more modern artificial limb was invented  by Ambroise Paré an Italian surgeon.