Advantages and disadvantages of chain stores?

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The store layout makes shopping easier. They stock a variety of items. They can offer consummers value for money. However, it can be very busy which can make shopping stressful. The customer service may be impersonal and there may be a lack of individuality.
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Advantages and disadvantages of chain restaurant?

Advantage of a chain restaurant is: The owner is able to expand thebusiness and maximize his profits by allocating franchises in othercountries. Disadvantage of a chain restau

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Chain stores can buy the same product for each of its stores in one large order. This often results in discounts received for making large orders. Chain stores can also combin

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Advantages: You can find anything you want in a store that has variety of things. Most departmental stores will have just about anything you're looking for, from clothes, to

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The advantages would be; it is cheaper for one thing, it would more sensible for people/ family's who are on budgets. In addition if you were a student it would also be a good

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Advantages are really fast speed combined with good image quality. The IBM 1403 chain printer was so fast that its *output stacking bin* had to be 'motor-driven.' An "advan
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Most people tend to do their banking at chain banks. This isbecause chain banks tend to keep their interest rates the same andthey give a higher sense of security. However, pr
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Advantages of chain: 1) They can be read easily and quickly 2)They can withstand wear and tear 3) They can be easily repaired in the field Disadvantages of chain: 1) They ar