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Advantages and disadvantages of cross breeding?

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cross-breeding it may result in getting more and giving the combination of different breeds.
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What are the advantages and disadvantages of selective breeding?

disadvantage: selective breeding gets rid of variety advantage: selective breeding rules out weakness and disability disadvantage: isn't that what Hitler tried to do with

Advantages and disadvantages of selective breeding?

advantages: . we get more breeds and more animals/plants easier . people can make more more Disadvantages . the animals/plants can have genetic diseases . It is hard t

Advantages and disadvantages of self and cross pollination?

The main advantage of self-pollination is that a plant does notneed to have others of its species around to be able to reproduce,but the disadvantage is that genetic diversity

What are the Advantages and Disadvantage of Captive Breeding?

1 answer is the animals that are in captive breeding cannot be harmed by forest fires, flooding or other species of animals Answer 2: animals are protected in an in -

Advantage disadvantage for school crossing pelican crossing?

the bad thing about a school crossing pelican is that when you get out of school and want to mess around you can't, because if you do the teachers will come out with all this

Advantages and disadvantages of cross pollination?

Advantages: 1. Hybrid vigour is maitained, 2. Chances of aquiring broad genetic base are always there. 3. Process of evolution continues. Dis-advantages: 1. Seed formation alw

What are the advantages and disadvantages of cross training?

The advantage is that it give a more all-round workout, both strength, endurance and some flexibility. Disadvantage is that there are more exercises you need to be able to do,