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Advantages and disadvantages of departmental stores?

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You can find anything you want in a store that has variety of things. Most departmental stores will have just about anything you're looking for, from clothes, to pharmaceutical products to food. We're living in a fast paced nation where we want to find things fast and get through our bidding quicker. You'll also find many products to be cheaper, for examples Walmart has many products cheaper than most stores although may vary because they can afford to place it to be cheaper because the demand is higher.

There's also disadvantages because many products may not be there, especially products that many other foreigners may want to use. Instead they'll probably have to export. Also because departmental stores carry everything many people will go to them causing traffic, parking dilemmas, and long waiting lines.

Many people opening little local stores find themselves competing with large departmental stores, which in turn have them only buying what is needed to meet the demand of the people surrounding.
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