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Advantages and disadvantages of uv spectroscopy?

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Advantage: non-destructive to the sample

Disadvantage: High detection limit
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What is UV spectroscopy?

Ultraviolet (UV) spectroscopy is a method of determining which wavelengths (colours) of visible light a sample absorbs or emits. There are three main types of UV spectroscopy:

What are the disadvantages of spectroscopy?

Some disadvantages to spectroscopy are that it is only effective at low analyte concentrations, it can be greatly influenced by stray light radiation, and that absorbance must

Advantages and disadvantages of atomic absorption spectroscopy?

From my understanding of this method of analysis,I believe the advantage of AAS lies in the fact that it can can be used to detect the presence of metals singly that is indivi

Principle of UV Visible spectroscopy?

UV Visible spectroscopy measures the response of a sample to ultraviolet and visible range of electromagnetic radiations. Molecules and atoms have electronic transitions while

What is the difference between uv spectroscopy and uv visible spectroscopy?

Differences are:   First: There different Wavelength-Range: UV: 200 - ~400 nm; Vis: ~400 nm - ~800 nm.Second: In the Molecules there are different Parts/Effects cause for t

What are the disadvantages of infrared spectroscopy?

The richness of spectral features enhances the probability of overlapping absorption bands.The narrow path-length cells required for many analysis are inconvenient to use and

Application of uv visible spectroscopy?

UV visible spectroscopy is very useful in analyzing dyes and pigments. It may be also used to do kinetics on dye hydrolysis.

What is UV-Visible spectroscopy?

UV-Vis refers to ultraviolet-visible spectroscopy, where UV-Vis measures absorption or reflectance in the ultraviolet-visible spectral range. Using light in the visible and ad

Analysis of captopril by uv spectroscopy?

actually captopril is a PH sensative drug, as per IP-in 0.1N HCL it's showing 212nm, and it's very difficult to find out lambda by UV-spectroscopy because the UV visible range

What are the advantages and disadvantages of UV or ultraviolet light?

The disadvantage are that it can cause skin cancer if you are exposed to sufficient amounts of UV light (in particular, UV-B and UV-C light). See the Related Questions link to