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- kids will listen up the first time

- Make an example of a kid who disobeys

- Gets you respect if your willing to throw down.

- Alot less day dreaming and texting if they get beat

... and...

given the legal principle that one cannot consent to assault, corporal punishment is probably a criminal act - we just need a few million dollars to run a case to the Supreme Court,

kids learn not to get caught, and never to own up,

it's OK for a big person to hit a little person,

folks in power make the rules, and enforce them with violence, and

people who are brutalised as children are more likely than not to brutalise their own children.
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Why corporal punishment was banned?

Corporal punishment should be banned for the following reasons: 1. It has no place in the education of children. The research shows that children who are beaten and abused ar

Why was corporal punishment banned?

Corporal punishment was banned in most schools because it was  determined that it was cruel and ineffective. Different types of  discipline were formulated.

When were corporal punishment in schools allowed?

Corporal punishment in schools was first allowed in the late 1950s. Teachers were allowed to use physical ways to get through to their students to help them further their educ

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What is corporal punishment?

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Why was corporal punishment banned in schools?

In certain States Parents did not like their children being spanked at school. If children were misbehaving or disobeying the teacher, the teacher would send them to the off

Advantages of corporal punishment in school?

advantages of corporal punishment are: it is a forced pain often causing physical injuries to show children not to behave. It shows that teachers will not be afraid to use the

Why was corporal punishments used?

In a way, you could ask 'Why is/was any form of punishment used?' Corporal punishment had obvious effect on the wrongdoer, and probably made the punish-er feel good. It also c

The advantages and disadvantages of corporal punishment?

The advantage of physical punishment is that it is very convincing; if you wish to inspire fear, this will do it. The disadvantages are that it is also emotionally scarring an

What are arguments against Corporal Punishment?

it is a cruel was to punish :( In the USA Corporal punishment of criminals/prisoners was absolutely banned by the US government as being cruel and unusual punishment.....so

What are the disadvantages of corporal punishment in schools?

corporal punishment should be enforced mostly by the parents. corporal punishment usually only works up to a certain age. in reality, small children only understand the here a

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Where was corporal punishment used most?

Corporal punishment was used most in the great English public schools during the 17th and 18th centuries. Birching (i.e. flogging with the birch) was endemic in these schools