After a broken bone heals will the bone always have a weak spot?

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people say that they grow back stronger but i have broken my wrist 3 times in 7 years, the 1st time, a clean snap but the other 2 were from simple falling over in netball and tennis and was just a fracture and its now the doctors say i probably have a weak spot where i 1st broke it.
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How does a broken bone heal?

Bone regrowth occurs in many stages. First osteoblasts are activated and begin to releases collage in all directions. They also mineralize this collagen by adding calcium phosphate. At this point the bone has no structure. Slowly the bones osteoclasts begin to eat away the old bone and the newly for (MORE)

How long does it take for a dog's broken bone to heal?

This is not an easy question to answer since it depends on many factors. But in general a canine broken leg will require 6-8 weeks to heal and could take as long as several months for the animal to return to its normal level of activity. But it has to be set correctly by someone with access to a xra (MORE)

How do broken bone heal?

it heals by keeping in a brace or cast and the bone grows back in place also should be seen by ortepedic.

How do you heal broken bones fast?

well the fastest way to heal a broken bone is the only way . the blood around the break hardens and covers the brocken ends of bone, like a scab that forms on your skin when you cut yourself . minerals and bone repairing tissues in the blood and bone start to work . the ends of the bone become soft (MORE)

How long does it take for a broken talus bone to heal?

Four years ago I fell from a ladder and shattered my Talus bone into about eighteen recognizable pieces. Recovery time for the normal Talus fracture ranges from eight to twelve weeks. However, with a severe fracture like mine was comes AVN. Avascular Neucrosis. Excuse my spelling. AVN occurs when th (MORE)

How are bones broken?

ur bones are broken when an amount of persure is exzereted on a particular area (more preasure that the bone can handle. or of they are twisted or moved to a possesion where they are not ment to be put to. or if there is a suffen strain an ur physical body is not prepaired for eg falling backwards a (MORE)

What not to do when bones broken?

When you got a hurt bone. Don't just sit and cry, yell for a parent or guardian. Then they will take you to the hospital. Try not to walk on it. Because that happened to me.

How does a bone heal?

blood around break hardens, then minerals in the bone seep out,then a callus starts to form, after the callus hardens, the bone ishealed

What is a broken bone?

A broken bone is a bone that has suffered stress. Such stress couldlead to several types of fractures.

Can a dogs broken pelvis bone heal without surgery?

Yes It depends on the age and if the Vet can set the bone. Puppies are resilient and bones heal well and quickly. A Vet does need to set the bones and it will take about 4 weeks of carrying the dog out to do her/his business. An older dog may have more trouble but could heal with plenty of rest. (MORE)

How did poneers heal broken bones?

Either they wouldn't, or they would rap up the broken area with a cloth. The cloth would hold the bone together while it healed, and it is the same idea today with a cast.

How long does a broken bone take to heal?

A broken bone typically heals in 6 weeks, but that time can vary. A standard fracture is 6 weeks. My arm took about that. A more complicated one can be over double that. My leg took 5 months!

Do broken bones heal stronger?

Yes. However, the difference in density will cause the bone to uniquely distribute pressure throughout that bone, making it more likely to break, just in a different location. 020510 02/05/10

How can i Speed up healing of a broken bone?

Increase the calcium intake. Calcium is a nutrient that is responsible for keeping the bones healthy. It is well absorbed by the body along with vitamin D.Anincrease in calcium will help in the speedy recovery of a bone fracture. It is found in dairy products and vegetables and nowadays is available (MORE)

How does a cast heal a broken bone?

As cast does not "heal a borken bone," it is a treatment for this type of injury. A cast basically holds the bones together through mechanical engineering techniques. This stabilizes the bones so that they would not move around. Through this, the cells and tissues are able to repair the wound.

Why does a broken bone heal over time?

There are cells called osteocytes and osteoblasts and osteoclasts always crawling around inside and around bones. They constantly dissolve away bits of bone and constantly lay down new bits of bone. When a bone breaks the physical stresses and chemical signals attract more of these cells to lay down (MORE)

Why can broken bones be healed?

Bone has a cell called osteoblast which builds the bone. To prevent too much bone, cells called osteoclast destroys the bone and reabsorbs the calcium.

What helps a broken bone heal?

There are two major factors affecting how rapidly a broken bone will heal - alignment and immobility. Alignment refers to how close the broken bits are to each other - the further away the pieces are, the longer it will take for a bony callus to form and reunite the pieces. Immobility refers to how (MORE)

What is the best to do to help a broken bone heal?

Get the bone set properly, get the pieces immobilized and leave it alone. Don't put pressure on the break and don't try to make the bone do any work. Getting sufficient calcium (you can eat dairy products, drink milk, eat certain vegetables like broccoli and kale, or take supplements) and having a s (MORE)

How broken bones heal?

The broken bone that heal are your fingers, legs, ankle,arms,foot , and your elbo. These are the only bones in your body that are able to heal.

Can a skeletal heal itself when bone is broken?

If bones are broken and heal, they always heal themselves when they are broken. All a doctor can do is see that they are properly set so they can heal properly and not at an angle. The body does the actual healing. A number of people walk around with improperly healed fractures.

What do you do if you have an broken bone?

If you fractured a bone you want to keep it (splint it so it doesn't move) in a comfortable position and ice it before you go to the hospital and get X-Rays. EX: If you fractured a finger, you can use a Popsicle stick and tape your finger to it to illiminate movement. Always splint above and below t (MORE)

What will happen when a broken bone is healed?

Usually you will have to wear a brace, or some sort of thing where the doctors give you to put on it. For protection. Then, it takes...hmm, maybe a few weeks until you can take it off. After that, it's fine. :)

How many weeks does it take to heal a broken leg bone?

Usually around six weeks if you are a healthy adult if you are talking about dogs, anywhere from 10 weeks to 4 months. But that all depends on where the break is and how old your dog is and what breed they are and if it had surgery.

Why does it take longer for a broken bone to heal compared to a cut in your skin?

Because a bone in your body is very rough and hard, the bone's healing time depends on the size of the damage, if the bone is completely snapped then it will take longer then a cut because it is bigger damage whereas a cut can seal itself. . The skin as such is made up out of organic soft materia (MORE)

What happens if a broken bone doesn't heal properly?

If you decide there is no need for a cast and manually take offyour cast without a doctors ok, your arm may not be fully healed.What may happen is that the bone will fully heal, but be morecrooked than it normally would be.

Can horses self-heal broken bones?

It depends on the bone that is broken, how it is broken and how old the horse is. Tail bones (coccyx and caudal vertebrae) will generally be left to heal on their own without the need to set or cast the injury; leg bones will generally not heal even if a cast is placed over the break. Also, a smooth (MORE)

What are the two steps necessary to heal a broken bone?

First, the broken bone pieces have to be realigned so that they are in the correct position (which is the position they were in before they broke) and then, the bone has to be set, or stabilized with a cast or splint, so that the pieces remain aligned and do not become misaligned again before they h (MORE)

What changes do broken bones undergo as they heal?

They may hurt a little but if you drink milk it will help grow more bone cells to help make it heal faster. And they undergo pain and other things try searching this and checking other sites for more info but thats all that I know from when I broke my arm

How on a cellular level do broken bones heal?

On a cellular level, broken bones first heal by the dislocated bone being pushed together back into place, preferably by a doctor. After that, it initiates the long process comprised of three phases, the reactive phase, the reparative phase, and the remodeling phase.