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After a hive is destroyed will there be a few bees from that hive still hanging around and if so for how long?

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Yes, there will be some hanging around ... any foraging bee that was flying gathering pollen and nectar at the time the hive was destroyed, will make their way back to where the hive entrance was sited to bring back their food for the colony. They stick around for at least a day or two, but they cannot start a new colony without a queen bee.
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How do we remove a hive of bees that has a nest hanging in a tree?

Remove a hive of bees whose nest is hanging in a tree by callinglocal police and asking for a contact with a local beekeeper whoremoves hives. Most beekeepers will not charge

How long do bee hives last?

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What do the male bees do around the hive?

In a word: nothing. Male bees (drones) have only one purpose in life, to mate with new queens and will be out of the hive looking for queens whenever the weather is suitable.

What happens if you destroy a bee hive?

Without proper protective equipment, YOU WILL GET STUNG.

How long does it take for a bee hive to form?

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