After one goat birth can it be hours before another birth?

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Can a cat give birth to kittens then 12 hours later give birth to another?

Yes, it is possible. I had a cat that did just that. We thought it was over, and sure enough the next day she had one more.. A CAT can do whatever she darn-well FEELS like do

Is it bad if you take your birth control an hour before you regularly do?

If you want the medication to work you need to take it at the same time everyday. The lower the dose the more important it is to take it at the same time. You ALWAYS want to t

Why did Jesus parents travel to another city before his birth?

There is no better answer to this question than by quoting from the actual scripture taken from Luke Ch. 1 v 1-5. 1 AND it came to pass in those days, that there went out a

How long before breeding a goat again after giving birth?

Give your doe at least 8wks before you breed her again, but that really is pushing it. The best idea is to wait 3months before you breed her again, so she can regain some co

What age does a goat give birth?

the best age to get a got to have a kid when it is two eg you get her into kid when she is about 1 3/4 and she should have the kid after she turns 2. if you do it any sooner t