After you download songs from LimeWire into your ipod can you delete them from LimeWire?

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yes you can, but is a good idea to keep a back up record of the music you download just in case.!!
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A song from LimeWire doesn't work do you delete it and download again?

\n. \nI have limewire so you can trust my answer mostly!~!~!~!\n. \nYES, if you really would like to have that song or you need it for something you will have to delete it i

If you delete songs downloaded from LimeWire will they be gone in ITunes as well?

This happened a few times with me. The only thing I did was download the songs again on limewire and the songs went straight to my music folder where I had everything and the

How do you delete songs from your ipod that you got from LimeWire?

If you're using itunes, generally when you delete music from your itunes library, and then hook up your ipod and "sync it" itunes will see that in its library the song isn't t
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Can you download songs from LimeWire to your iPod?

Yes and no, you can't download them using limewire but you can put your limewire songs into itunes by selecting them and dragging them into your library, then you can download
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When you download songs from LimeWire how do you get them onto your ipod?

First be sure that both Limewire and Itunes are open. After downloading the new song(s), go to your library within Limewire and select the song(s) you'd like to add to Itunes
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Can you download songs on your iPod from LimeWire?

It doesn't matter where you download the songs from, but to put them on your ipod they need to be in the correct format for the device. Most downloaded songs are in .mp3 forma