Ager apne kisi se sacha pyar kiya ho to is gane ko complete karo song kn oht g Tia jn ts s. h answer? apne kisi se sacha pyar kiya ho to is gane ko complete karo song kn oht g tia jn ts s. h
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Ha Maine bhi pyar kiya hai?

asalamualaikum....Are you speaking in urdu! I know a little bit of Urdu(if that's what your speaking in)and I would like to share it with you! does "mudse bohut buk lagi hai" (MORE)

What is T in the equation G H - TS?

     The temperature in kelvins at which the reaction is happening  (Apex)        
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When will iss pyar ko kya naam doon finish?

Kya yaar abhi to sirk 1 saal hi hua hai show shuru hua hai or abhi toh isko bohot dur tak jana hai.sp plz stop commenting onthis topic
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Can you complete this song k n o h t g t i a j n t s s h?

Kahin to.. kahin to Hogi wo, Duniya jahan tu mere saath hai.. Jahan mein, jahan tu, Aur jahan, bass tere mere jazbaat hai, Hogi jahan subah teri, Palko ki, kirano (MORE)