Agriculture in karnataka?

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The season is very harsh to my people. We struggle to live and resort to canabilsm more often than not. We only wish to grow the corn and make the children to live. Disease is a devil of our people. As is the white devil who come and rape our children. We choose to accept this and live in the peace that our sacred rock that we praise. I love Karnatakakakatooopi or whatever. Uugghhhh now what!! Booyow!!
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What is agriculture?

By definition, Agriculture is "the science or practice of farming,including cultivation of the soil for the growing of crops and therearing of animals to provide food, wool, a

Can you do agriculture?

Yes.. Agriculture is basically farming. Growing crops, cultivatingland, raising livestock, etc etc. You could grow a vegetablegarden. That's 'doing' agriculture.

Why do you have agriculture?

Without agriculture, we would have no food, and would have starved to death long ago. Many medicines are made from agricultural products as well.

Where is Karnataka?

karnataka is in India's south part Improved answer. Karnataka is a state in the south west of India, being formed in 1956 when the States Reorganisation Act was passed. Orig

What is agriculture about?

Agriculture - The word derived from ager (Latin) or agros (Greek) means land while cultura (Latin)means cultivation . So, it is field(land) cultivation for crop produ

What can we do about agriculture?

If you like to eat, I would suggest supporting it. Those in the business of food, fiber, and fuel production need the support of all consumers of their products. For examp

What can you do with agriculture?

You can do a lot with agriculture. Over half of the jobs in the world deal with agriculture in one way or another. With agriculture you can produce food to eat or sell or you