Akhlak nabi Muhammad saw?

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Akhlak nabi Muhammad saw?
Al Qur'an. So .... how is akhlak Muhammad? read Al Qur'an and read Muhammad say about all connected with all items of Al Qur'an, called Hadist.
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What monk saw Prophet Muhammad?

Answer: The Monk's name was Bahira. He was somewhere near or in the area that is known as Syria today. He saw the caravan approaching from a distance. What caught his eyes wa (MORE)
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How old was the Prophet Muhammad when he saw Jibril?

The Prophet Muhammad was around 40 years old when the angel  appeared to him    All the Prophets (May peace be upon them all) were chosen ones.  They were destined to (MORE)

In which hijri Muhammad prophet saw died?

On the twelfth of Rabi' Al-Awwal, in the eleventh year of Al-Hijrah. He was sixty-three years and four days old when he died. (The Sealed Nectar or when the moon split - bio (MORE)

How many sons did Hazrat Muhammad SAW have?

13   Answer-2   Our beloved Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (SAW) had three sons- Hazrat  Qasim, Harat Tahir, Hazrat Ibraheem.   He had Four daughters- Hazrat Zainab RAU, (MORE)
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The History of Islamic Faith

Islam is the fastest growing religious belief system on earth. With no less than 1.6 billion followers, it is the second-largest religion in the world and is the dominant reli (MORE)
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The Wahhabi Movement

Islam, like Christianity, is composed of different denominations, subgroups that branch from the traditional religion. Sunni and Shia are the two major Islamic branches. The W (MORE)
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Islamic Holidays

The calendar dates of Islamic holy days change each year because they are based on a lunar calendar of 354 days. As this is nine days shorter than the solar year, each holiday (MORE)
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Islamic Faith in Africa

Islam is a string of ideologies that are considered more than a religion, but a way of life, enforcing laws to social life, jurisprudence, and the political and economic syste (MORE)

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Who of the wives Prophet Muhammad saw died last?

Fatima bint Al-Dahhak, also known as Al-Aliya, outlived all Mohammed's widows and finally died in 680. However, Mohammed had divorced her in 630. Of the women who were still m (MORE)

Where written in Bible hazrat Muhammad PBUH is last nabi?

Abraham is widely regarded as the Patriarch of monotheism and the common father of the Jews, Christians and Muslims. Through His second son, Isaac, came all Israelite prophets (MORE)

Why did the nobles in mecca want to silence Muhammad saw?

Praise be to Allah, the Almighty, the Cherisher and Sustainer of the Universe, and peace and blessings be upon our Prophet Muhammad, last of the Prophets, and upon all those w (MORE)

How many wifes Muhammad saw have?

The historian Al-Tabari says Muhammad had fifteen wives, although two of these marriages were never consummated. These are their names. (1) Khadija bint Khuwaylid. He had no o (MORE)