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When to change gearbox oil on a suzuki alto 1.0?

The recommended gearbox oil change interval is 36years / 27,000 miles. You will require 2.2ltrs of 75w-90 oil .

Suzuki alto engine tappet clearance?

Suzuki_alto 2004   engine_tappet_clearance

How much engine oil is in the Suzuki Alto?

The company claims that the capacity of the engine oil chamber is 3 liters, but this is my personal experience that it consumes only 2.8/2.9 liters. I think that's the best le

How do you change the oil on a 1987 suzuki alto?

  Answer   To change the oil on a Suzuki Alto (87) you need the following items.     1. Shifter Spaner   2. Bucket (For oil when emptied)   3. Cloth (To

What are the tire pressures for suzuki alto?

145/70R13 - 30 psi front and rear   155/65R14 - 32 in the front, 29 on the rear

Suzuki alto refuses to start why?

  Check the battery condition visually. If you see any acid leaks, cracks or any other damage - replace the battery. Make sure the battery terminals are tight and not co