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Is the movie Beauty and the Beast real?

The story is a very real one, first taking place many millions of years ago when democracy was taking place, although very metaphorical the true story is still close to the on

How many Beauty and the Beast movies are there?

There are at lest 3. A new one is going to come out in 2012. Actually, there are more movies of Beauty and the Beast including: the 1946 original movie, the 1970's movie with

What Is the Movie Beauty and the Beast About?

Disney's Beauty And The Beast is about a prince who is selfish & unkind and gets turned into a beast and a curse is laid on his castle by an enchantress. He must learn to love

Who is the gaston in the movie beauty and the beast?

Gaston is the very strong, manly, egotistical, sexist and handsome main antagonist of the movie. He is hailed as a local hero and the greatest hunter, desired by many of the y

Where is the setting for the movie Beauty and the Beast?

France is the traditional setting for Beauty and the Beast in fairy tales and movies. The opening song of Disney's Beauty and the Beast, "Bonjour", indicates that the Disney m