All the txts in the world?

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Since new texts are typed and sent daily, the answer is infinity.
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What is txt?

text Text-messaging, or 'txting', is when you send a text message on your phone. Txting is the extreme abbreviation or acronymming of words. therer u have it that's what txt i

What you do if she does not reply to a txt?

ok dude theres a hundred reasons why she didnt reply,she could have been in the bed or eating or doing something else,or it depends on what you texted her but dont worry,just

How do you txt?

i text with my thumbs on a qwerty keyboard phone. You Txt bye going to the message option then clicking new message and then type

How do you get free txts?

Do you mean free txts on your mobile or free txts online?. Many providers offer free txts such as 02. There are many free txts sites online for example

How do you get txt 2000?

well you get this paper and its white and you will see writting on and also numbers then you enter the numbeers you got on the page
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What is txt magic?

txt magic is txt language like: lol jk idk irdk