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A specialist in dealing with events beyond its control, The American National Red Cross offers disaster relief, shelter, and other humanitarian services through more than 700 chapters nationwide. Although it was chartered by Congress in 1905, the American Red Cross isn't a government agency. The not-for-profit organization relies on the efforts of nearly a million volunteers. Aside from helping victims of about 70,000 US and foreign disasters each year, the American Red Cross teaches CPR, safety, and first aid courses; provides support for US military personnel; and maintains the largest blood and plasma banks nationwide. The group is a member of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement.
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Who was the founder of the American Red Cross?

Clara Barton Clara Barton (1821-1912) was the founder in 1881 and served as the director until her death. The American Red cross was established in 1881. The woman who found

Who founded the American Red Cross?

Clara Barton founded the American Red Cross.

What is the purpose of the American Red Cross?

The Red Cross is mandated by Congress to: 1. Provide aid to those stricken by a disaster 2, Provide service to the military and their families.

Who invented American Red Cross?

Clara Barton started the first American Red Cross after being in Switzerland and becoming active in the International Red Cross, which inspired her to create the American Red
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Why doesn't the American Red Cross collect blood in Florida?

  two reasons- it has the highest percentage of stds in the country, and being that 56% of the population is elderly and needs all the blood they have. theirs no need for

Why did Clara Barton create the American Red Cross?

Clara Barton didn't create the Red Cross. She had America join the Red Cross. A man named Jean Henri Dunant created the Red Cross. He created because he saw all of the soldier