Amount of people used to build the atomic bomb?

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Who thought of the idea to build an atomic bomb?

Einstein has some credit in the development of the nuclear bomb,but never thought of it himself... I believe it was Hitler whofirst thought of the atomic bomb. The Germans were working on a wayto harness the energy from a split atom. Einstein sent the USpresident a letter, telling him of the power s (MORE)

Why was the atom used in the atomic bomb?

because atom, when split become highly unstable, and in whats called nuclear fission, atoms are divided inot smaller ones, and that on a large scale is devestating.

Where did the building of atomic bombs take place?

The a-bomb was built in Oak Ridge, Tennessee - just outsideKnoxville. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- All atomic bombs built in 1945-1947 were built in Los Alamos,NM. Oak Ridge, TN only supplied the oralloy (Oa (MORE)

What do atomic bombs do to people?

That depends on a person's proximity to the hypocenter of the blast. The further away you are, even from a very large bomb, generally the better off you are, but there are many, many mitigating factors. If you were at Hiroshima, Japan on the morning of August 6, 1945, and you happened to be stand (MORE)

How did the atomic bomb affect people?

People not killed outright got injured with deep burns, as well ascuts and bruises. Later on rain fell and it was radioactive.Radiation caused vomiting, nausia, headache, and a loss of whiteblood cells.

When did Japan start to build the atomic bomb?

During the occupation of Japan, following WWII, US military intelligence officers discovered several Japanese "Cyclotrons" (used during atomic research); photographs were taken (which were later published), and the devices along with all other nuclear research material were quickly dumped into the o (MORE)

What bombs were used before atomic bomb?

Before the very scientifically complex atomic bomb, other bombs are just basically tons of explosive stuff jammed into a bombshell, so it wasn't too advanced there.

What does people think about atomic bomb?

its a bomb that's atomic =) and blows up stuff. hope that helps first of all its what DO people think of the atomic bomb ^-^ any ways the atomic bomb astonished everyone (exept scientists) it very amazing >.

Where were the Germans building their atomic bombs?

The Germans (luckily) never actually had a serious atomic bombproject. They were working on one in 1939 and 1940 but made anarithmetic error that suggested that >1000kg of enriched uraniumwould be needed per bomb (instead of the correct value of

What led the US to build the atomic bomb?

The US wanted to develop a weapon before the Germans did, and fortunately had the scientists and resources to build one. Many key individuals came from European countries impacted by the war. In 1939, just before World War II, physicists including Albert Einstein had written a letter to President F (MORE)

When did the US use the atomic bomb?

On August 6, 1945, the first Atomic bomb was dropped on japan.Another was dropped on August 9,1945 which ended WWII. Those arethe only times in the history of warfare that an Atomic weapon wasused.

Why did the us use the atom bomb?

The decision to use the atomic bomb was made by President Truman. There was never any doubt of that and despite the rising tide of criticism Mr. Truman took full responsibility for his action. Only recently succeeded to the Presidency after the death of Roosevelt and beset by a multitude of problems (MORE)

What did they build the atomic bomb for?

Atomic bombs were used by the US against Japan at the end of World War II. Once nuclear physicists and military leaders became aware of the application of nuclear fission for a weapon, it was decided to build atomic bombs, if only to counteract their development by Germany and the Axis. As things t (MORE)

Why does the US use the atomic bomb?

When the atomic bomb was finished, Leo Szilard, a scientist in on the Manhattan Project (the Manhattan Project was the code name for the project to build and develop the atomic bomb), made a petition urging the President not to resort the use of atomic bombs in the war unless the news of the bomb ha (MORE)

Did the atomic bomb melt people?

it depends most people did actually die from being melted due to the heat of the bomb . Peace out . Most people did not "melt" the inital blast killed many, and the burning caused by the heat killed many more, people do not "melt" as there chemical composistions are very complex making it almost i (MORE)

Why did us build the atomic bomb?

because they felt like it and i think something abut pearl harbor and the Japanese and wanted to end it it all and what not, by Isaiah Patterson

How does us used atomic bombs?

The only time the US ever used Atomic Bombs was during World War 2 when the first atomic bombs were used. Nowadays, the atomic bombs are kept underground. Nuclear missiles are ready to use in the case of a nuclear warhead being launched at the US by an enemy or unknown foe. There have been thousands (MORE)

What resources are needed to build the atomic bomb?

Fissionable material sufficient to fission if it comes together, a lab safe enough to handle such material, and mechanisms sufficient to bring the pieces of fissionable material together in what is called "critical mass". Bare bones, you'd have a very large - and hard to transport - atomic bomb, of (MORE)

How you build an atomic bomb?

To make a fission atomic bomb you just take either uranium or plutonium, which are fast-fission materials and find a way to smash the soul out of them so they can make neutrons to continue the chain reaction. You either just take some fissionable uranium, make a bullet out of one and a ball of the o (MORE)

Did you build the atomic bomb for a good reason?

At the end of World War II, few questioned Truman's decision to drop the atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Most Americans accepted the obvious reasoning: the atomic bombings brought the war to a more timely end. They did not have a problem with over one hundred thousand of the enemy being kill (MORE)

Why did the US use the atomic bombs?

The United States was faced with the daunting prospect of invading Japan in order to force a close to World War 2. The Japanese had already shown a willingness to go to incredible lengths to continue the war and to cause destruction to their enemies. The fierce fighting for islands near the Japanese (MORE)

Two ways people died in the use of atomic bombs?

Most damage comes from the explosive blast. The shock wave of air radiates outward, producing sudden changes in air pressure that can crush objects, and high winds that can knock objects down. In general, large buildings are destroyed by the change in air pressure, while people and objects such as t (MORE)

Why people used atomic bombs?

WWII was a very difficult time; Americans and Australian's were badly mistreated, used as slaves (having to build the 'Death Railway' which the Japanese needed to transport supplies is a good example) and Stalags were not places that you could feel safe from being away from the Russian Front. Infact (MORE)

What use is the atom bomb to the US?

-Reasons to use the Atomic Bomb. Saves lives Saves money Saves time Revenge of Pearl Harbor Keep Russians out of Japan, preventing them from getting Manchuria.

What do you use to build an atomic bomb?

Materials Needed Materials needed to make an atomic bomb are: fissionable material (Plutonium239 isotope) explosive to start the nuclear chain reaction (TNT, Gelignite or semtex) detonator pusher (made from aluminium, beryllium)

How many US people died from the atomic bomb?

Between 11 and 23 American prisoners of war held in Hiroshima died when the atomic bomb was dropped on that city, along with more than 1000 Japanese- Americans that were unable to return to America due to the war. An unknown number of other American prisoners died at Nagasaki.

What did it take to build the atomic bomb?

Making the bombshell was easy, but the challenge was getting the right type of fissionable material, which was uranium and plutonium. Another big one was on how to trigger the chain reaction in time so it will not pulverize itself if it fissions too slow, nor blow up the bomb plane carrying it in mi (MORE)

What are the inputs to building an atomic bomb?

Unsure of your term "inputs". To construct a nuclear weapon, it requires a source of scarce fissionable materials, such as Uranium 235, or Plutonium. It requires the ability to perform precision machining of these VERY difficult to work with materials. It requires the use of precisely shaped high ex (MORE)

Why did they build atomic bombs?

World War II was a very desperate struggle, and it was considered to be necessary to build the most powerful weapons possible, in order to ensure victory. There was also no way of knowing if the enemy was also working on an atomic bomb (or other terrible weapons), so it was better to be the first (MORE)

Why build an atomic bomb?

The U.S. originally built the atomic bomb to end WW2 because it was the only alternative to invading Japan, which would have cost many, many more lives and been worse for all involved. Now atomic bombs are used for a balance of power - "If you nuke us we'll nuke you back" is enough to stop a few war (MORE)

Why did the inventor of atomic bomb build an atomic bomb and why?

Leo Szilard, the inventor of the atomic bomb (patent GB630726), did not build it himself. He wrote a letter that he had Albert Einstein sign and send to president FDR warning of the potential of atomic bombs and that the Nazis were probably working on them already. If the Nazis got atomic bombs fi (MORE)

How long did it take to build a atomic bomb?

It took the US 2 to 3 years to build the industrial infrastructure needed to begin building Atomic fission bombs. When the US first started building bombs in those factories in 1945 they could build 3 bombs a month with the expectation by the end of the year of building 7 a month. You compute the (MORE)

How did the us build the atom bomb?

Had we not developed the atom bomb, someone else would have. It's only natural for mankind to exploit our technology, and we were way ahead of the rest of the world. The atom bomb saved maybe a million lives in the Pacific War. Had it not been used there, it would have been used later by us, or the (MORE)